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Arq’s ‘Netflix for careers’ solution voted people’s choice

Arq’s ‘Netflix for careers’ solution voted people’s choice



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Arq’s ‘Netflix for careers’ solution voted people’s choice

Arq’s passion for customer-centricity and personalisation were channelled to create a prototype to help people transitioning to a new career at a recent hackathon. And we were thrilled when the prototype, featuring emerging technologies, got the thumbs up from our peers.

Arq’s ‘Launchpad for your career’ prototype takes advantage of data-driven design and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, to personalise content and tailor information unique to each user’s career journey. It learns as the user browses, optimises the user’s activity and surfaces the most relevant content in real-time. It’s similar to the way Netflix uses technology to learn what your favourite TV show or movie genre is.

Arq was one of nine teams invited to participate in a hackathon organised by the National Careers Institute (NCI) in Sydney recently with the aim of creating a digital platform to help guide every day Aussies on their future career path. Whether they’re school leavers, people transitioning into the workforce or a new career, the digital platform would serve as the source of truth for people looking for practical career advice.

Innovation and Project Lead, Oliver Maruda, said the team was excited about the prototype being voted people’s choice by the other hackathon participants.

“We are grateful to the NCI for giving us the opportunity to participate in this event. Seeing how our competitors solve challenges was a great experience. It kept us sharp. Given the calibre of experts in design thinking in the room, the fact our solution was voted people’s choice was humbling. Our entire team are super proud of our efforts.” said Oliver.

“We channelled our passion for customers and personalisation into the prototype. We were adamant that the solution had to be easy for people to use. Whether it’s a 60-year-old worker transitioning from retail into a new job in tourism, a Generation Z considering university or a vocational course, or a student wanting to navigate internships– the technology needs to work for them and be personalised to their unique journey.”

Congratulations and #Kudos to the team, Oliver Maruda (Team Lead), Nick Williams (Product Owner), Nam Dang (Senior UI/UX Designers), Alex Fracazo (Senior UI/UX Designers), Francois Hensley (Solution Architect) and Mahmudul Alam (Solution Architect).

Arq is looking forward to participating in future industry innovation hackathons.


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