Want to Slash up to 90% Off Your Manual Data Entry Costs?

You'll save time and money - that's a given. But the real game-changer happens with increased accuracy, system integration and sharpened data-driven decision making.

Make Rock Solid Decisions Backed By Indisputable Data

Extract a wealth of data buried in your paper documents, unlocking untapped insights, integrated directly into your systems.

Rock solid decisions made with speed and confidence, backed by data captured from your manual paper processes.

Even better - you can now build business intelligence dashboards shared across your entire organisation for new data and analytics insights.

Modernise Your Manual Paper System

Now you can keep your existing paper-based form processes and avoid the time investment of retraining. You'll save big on technology costs too, lowering your document processing costs.

Believe the Hype Type

Seeing is believing, but don’t take our word for it… try it yourself. The button below takes you to a live demo on this page that allows you to upload a handwritten note, your own form, or even a photo. Handwriting is notoriously challenging for even the best optical character recognition (OCR) software. 

Ready to See How Far We've Come?

Future-Proof Your Organisation

Intelligent Document Digitisation is a tactical solution to the long term challenge of complete process digitisation. Paper based processes still have their place in many organisations.

ARQ’s Intelligent Document Digitisation builds on the power of Amazon Textract, reading printed and handwritten forms, extracting and comprehending more data than humanly possible, in a fraction of the time.

So before you can say: “where’s the bandage for my paper cut?”, Textract has scanned and stored all the pertinent pages you want, all digitised, with smart search indexes and automated document workflows.

Your Scanner on Steroids

Amazon Textract allows you to scan volumes of documents at speed. Textract quickly automates your manual document activities, enabling you to process millions of document pages in hours.
A document scanner on steroids, minus the challenges of OCR. There’s no tinkering with legacy OCR software to manually configure every time you update your forms.

How to train (and detect ) your Dragon

In this MVP example, we used machine learning to tell the difference between an image of a dragon or not.

Interestingly the user can upload crude hand drawings in this demo to tell whether the illustration depicts a dragon or not.

The untapped business potential for this level of deep learning will enable organisations to make short work of a daunting undertaking.

ARQ make it easier for you to harness this technology in your organisation from design, model training and finally, deployment.

Real World Use Cases


Wrapped Insurance, the Australian startup insurance disrupter uses Textract to automatically read insurance policy details and displays all policies in one convenient app. (Read the case study here)
A global mining conglomerate leverages Textract to streamline their employee training program. On track to save 60% FTE effort on manual data entry.

Test Drive Textract Today!

Below is a Document Digitiser Demo created by ARQ and powered by Amazon’s Textract.

Test drive it and discover its accuracy. Handwritten notes, a photo, or one of your own standard forms. The results you’ll see are impressive, and that’s without training and customisation. When we add customised training for your needs… it’s a smooth ride – fault free.

Test drive the free live demo below and discover your possibilities:

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