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We excel at converting information into actionable outcomes that will help advance your smart cities goals.

Adopt innovative technologies to meet rising demands on public services and infrastructure .

Partnership matters

Leverage data sources like video feeds, air quality levels, weather trends, and traffic data to drive valuable insights for your smart city.


ARQ, in partnership with AWS, can build whatever your city needs quickly, efficiently, and affordably whilst addressing urban challenges related to the environment, national security, and public health, among others.

Digital Twin and Emerging Technologies

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Data Governance
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Data Engineering

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Data Governance, Data Store, Big Data, Data Integration, Data Pipeline, Data Migration, Data Protection, Data Ops

Data Visualisation

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Data Science

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ML Ops & Engineering, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Customer Feedback Analysis, Optimisation, Address Matching, Document Information Extraction, Geospacial ML, ML Maturity Assessment, Recommendation and Search, Process Mining, Conversational AI

Data Delivered

Hundreds of customers rely on AWS Digital Platform Methodology to create, deliver, promote, and protect their web platforms.