Intelligent Cloud at Scale
Amazon Web Services

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Having provided cloud services for many years, Arq Group was seeking a cloud provider that had the reach, and scale to innovate and disrupt. But mostly, deliver a platform that's robust and stable to provide the foundations for the deployment of production workloads.

"AWS offer a breadth and depth in their public cloud services that give Arq the potential to release the builder that exists in all of us to make the possible happen. Arq-itects with our client teams turn building blocks into solutions for business needs and concepts into enterprise ready production systems that can take on anything the world can throw at them. Scale, performance, security and compliance are all inherent in our solutions built on the AWS platforms."

At Arq Group we help you do business online through a portfolio of cloud-based technology services driving business effectiveness and profitability for customers local and abroad.

From helping small businesses build an online presence to bringing simplicity to complex technology environments for large enterprises and governments. Services include: internet domain name services, critical web hosting, online brand protection and promotion, video content delivery, web and application development, managed cloud and security.

Arq Group’s culture of integrity, innovation, collaboration and customer-centricity are built by passionate professionals. A team that has been delivering managed online services since 1996.

For over 25 years Arq Group has provided enterprise customers with solutions that are highly flexible, scalable, and available. 2012 saw the arrival of AWS to Australia and an expansion of capabilities. We support customer needs and leverage production-ready AWS cloud services and tools to innovate on behalf of our customer base to transform businesses.

Hundreds of customers rely on AWS Digital Platform Methodology to create, deliver, promote, and protect their web platforms.

AWS implementation done your way

Arq an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner, is proud to confirm today’s announcement of their inclusion into the AWS Public Sector Partner Program. The AWS Public Sector Partner Program recognises partners with solutions and experience in delivering for government, education and non-profit customers around the world. Arq Group qualified for the Public Sector Partner Program by demonstrating a track record of leadership in their approach to support these customers.

This latest development builds on a strong existing alliance between Arq Group and AWS. In August 2015, Arq Group was the first AWS Premier Consulting Partner in Australia to achieve the AWS Managed Services Partner status. The AWS Managed Service Program is designed for Amazon Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partners skilled in cloud infrastructure and application migration.

Together, Arq Group and AWS provide a complete cloud service and cloud management portfolio that gives government and enterprise customers fast, flexible access to the cloud. Arq Group’s demonstrated leadership in innovation and commitment to its partnership with AWS gives our customers continued confidence in protecting their data in the cloud or on any infrastructure.

Numerous Arq clients regularly showcase
their products at AWS conferences globally