7 Reasons Why Working at ARQ Might Be For You

You’ll be working on meaningful projects that are far-reaching and high impact. How far-reaching? On any given day take a train or a bus and watch passengers busy on their phones, immersed in apps. They’re banking, making travel plans, transacting with their telco, topping-up toll tags, booking reservations, or following real-time bushfire alerts.

Many of these apps are the brainchild of ARQ, made in-house and powering everyday tasks for Australians. You’ll do work that’s far-reaching and impactful – and some of it – potentially life saving. So if work with purpose is your thing, apply to ARQ and join +450 other enterprise experts making a meaningful impact.

25 years ago we were the first to flick the switch for internet to Australian households across the country. We’ve been innovating ever since, building Australia’s first websites, mobile apps, voice, data and cloud solutions. 

From day-one, you’ll inherit a heritage of 25 years of innovation-firsts. A heritage beyond a cool-sounding tag line… it’s a decades-old culture you’ll experience across the entire company, from the CEO who codes, to your project leaders and colleagues. Working at ARQ offers the empowerment of ‘anything-is-possible’ when you’re surrounded by Australia’s most brilliant minds in Dev Ops, Data Scientists, UX, Service Design, Product Designers and more.

You’ll be part of Australia’s oldest new startup: 25 years of getting started…

Welcome to a startup culture that’s two and a half decades in the making. Your career at ARQ will immerse you into an entrepreneurial ecosystem that’s promoted from the top-down by leaders who built multimillion-dollar digital businesses from behind their keyboards (from scratch).

A career at ARQ is a place where you’re given creative freedoms and the tools to design, develop and deploy. It’s a think-tank playground for your big ideas.

Joining a strong startup culture means you’ll gain organisational-wide exposure to a variety of technologies and industries. If a clear career path of progression with continued professional development is your thing, a career at ARQ might be for you.

Take Mahmud for instance. Seven years ago Mahmud joined ARQ as a Software Engineer. Today he’s Head of Technology for NSW. For job stability: meet Joe, who started at ARQ as a fresh graduate. Today Joe is Team Lead for Software Engineering, enjoying a progressive career path with ARQ for over a decade. 

So if you’re tired of writing cover letters and sending CVs, join ARQ – it could be your last job (ever).

Our greatest assets are our people. And like all great assets, you need to keep investing. That’s why we founded ARQademy.

ARQademy offers employees the opportunity to attend postgraduate studies in partnership with Swinburne University of Technology. Join ARQ, and you’ll not only upskill your tradecraft, we’ll upgrade your educational qualifications! And if it’s your first time attending university – great – you can enrol on the merits of your relevant professional experience.  

Welcome on board the ARQ, where you’ll enjoy a solid career path of progression and an all-expenses paid investment in your education.

If you’re looking for a playground of technological capabilities across a variety of industries… welcome to the innovation sandbox!

You’ll work on the latest in technology, be it code, hardware, methodologies, frameworks, tools and then some, you’ll get the  opportunity to expand your tradecraft in other areas. We encourage it. You might be an iOS developer interested in trying your hand at Flutter. Go for it! If diversity of tradecraft and exploring new tech sounds like your idea of fun, welcome to the party. At ARQ you’ll be empowered with creative freedoms to satisfy your curiosity in any area of expertise you desire.  

You’ll also get the chance to attend local and international industry conferences and partake in ARQ’s team hackathons. 

As Australia’s oldest new startup we’re constantly growing and hiring – even during the coronavirus pandemic.

Where many companies are freezing new-hires, we’re growing and it is business as usual. So if you’re looking for work with meaningful impact in a startup culture of 25 years heritage that offers opportunity to upskill your tradecraft and education, join ARQ… it may be your last job ever.

ARQ is a fantastic place to work for one reason: YOU 😉

ARQadians – our people – are our greatest asset. Attracting and retaining the upper echelons of talent demands embracing diversity and inclusion – values that run strong throughout ARQ’s DNA. Join a people culture embodied by taking responsibility, promoting a hunger for curiosity, and a healthy appetite for change. 

If you see the world different… if you think different, then consider joining the cause at ARQ, adding your individual flair and diversity to our story. We’re totally all inclusive and just about anything goes. Variety adds spice to life and enriches the workplace. We’re ‘all for one’ and ‘one for all’, and welcome the contribution of your uniqueness.

Together we’ll:
  • Own it
  • Change it Up
  • Be Smarter Together
  • Work with Heart

More than a place of work...

Where the Surreal Becomes Real

The following is based on a true story. Some of the names may have changed to protect the innovative.

Chadstone, Melbourne: It’s the height of the coronavirus pandemic and shopping malls across Australia are implementing strict social distancing rules. ARQ’s CEO, Tristan, is patiently waiting in a long queue with his children to enter a toy store.

The management of the queue feels unsophisticated… shop staff are manually tallying every person entering and exiting the store. Wait times are unknown, and if you walk away, you’ll lose your place.

A techie at heart… Tristan’s thinking: “Surely there’s a better way?”

He scans the mall and sees CCTV cameras everywhere: at the mall entrance, inside the mall, store entrances, inside stores… there’s a thousand digital eyes watching every centimetre of floor space. And unlike humans, CCTV can’t be distracted. CCTV sees everything.

A shopper exits the toy store and Tristan and his kids slowly advance in the queue. Always the optimist, Tristan calculates at the current rate of movement, he should be first in line for Christmas shopping. There’s always a silver lining…

Now motivated more than ever, Tristan considers the adoption of computer vision and the CCTV system. The possibility of creating a digital concierge through virtual turnstiles for automated COVID capacity management. And by harnessing machine learning, predictive data analysis can accurately forecast wait times. Alerts could be sent to shopper’s devices as their position advances in the queue. Data would show store capacity and wait times, so you spend more time shopping and less time queuing.

While the idea may seem surreal right now… Tristan knows it can be done. The technology exists and the CCTV network is already in place. First thing Monday morning Tristan pitches the idea to the ARQ team. Within a week, an MVP exists and demonstrations are being showcased to Australia’s biggest retail brands.

This is just one true story (of many) of how the people at ARQ view the world. The opportunity to use technology to make a meaningful impact to the lives of many. At ARQ, if you can imagine it, we can build it. So if you’ve got big ideas and an eye to improve the status quo, come join an innovation think-tank and make the surreal become real.

Take Me to Your Leader

Meet the Entrepreneurial-Leaders Driving ARQovation 

Tristan Sternson

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • A fresh IT graduate in 2001, Tristan joins an unknown 3-man telco startup by the name of Dodo (spoiler alert: Dodo is later acquired for $203 million).
  • In the years to follow, positions at IBM and Accenture pave the way for the next big move…
  • Entrepreneurism! It’s 2008 and fortune favours the brave and the bold. Tristan starts Infoready (remember, it’s 2008 and the GFC has decimated financial markets – it’s officially a global recession).
  • Success! ARQ Group acquires Infoready in 2015.
  • Today Tristan is at the helm of the ARQ Group as the CEO (that can write code).
  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards finalist (2014) and member of various advisory boards including Swinburne University’s School of Business and Hawthorn Football Club’s “Dare to Be Different” Committee.
  • Certified member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

We asked Tristan: “If stranded alone on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring with you?”

  1. My wife and kids.
  2. Solar-powered Jet Ski.
  3. Solar-powered Kindle (with re-runs of the Hawthorn three-peat premierships from 2013-2015) and a solar-powered device to sit back and watch the show.

Justin Parcell

Partner (VIC)

  • Equipped with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) from UNSW, Justin enters the corporate world as a Principal Consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC). 
  • Rising in the ranks at PWC, Justin seeks greener pastures and pursues opportunities with IBM and BP.
  • Fate intervenes and Justin meets Tristan. They cofound Infoready together.
  • Years later Infoready is acquired by ARQ Group and Justin is appointed Partner for Victoria.

Cameron Boog

Partner (QLD)

  • It’s the year 2000 and the Y2K bug never happens. Fortunate for Cameron, because he’s just graduated with an IT degree in computer science.
  • The world is a safe place, so Cameron lands his first job with the Department of Health and Community Services (NT).
  • Career advancements at Philip Morris and a trip overseas to work with RSA (UK), but Cameron notices it rains often in the UK. He can’t remember the last time he saw the sun. Cameron likes vitamin D. He packs up and heads home to sunny Queensland.
  • And just like Justin, he meets Tristan, and together, the trifecta is born. A startup by the name of Infoready is founded.
  • Fast forward many years and ARQ Group’s acquisition of Infoready sees Cameron appointed Partner for Queensland.

Scenario: “You’re stranded on a tropical deserted island (it’s not the same island as Tristan). What 3 things would you want with you?”

  1. Satellite phone with unlimited data plan.
  2. The book: “Island Survival for Dummies”.
  3. A yacht. 

Adam Kennedy

Partner (NSW)

  • It’s the beginning of the new millennium and Adam’s equipped with a BA in Science (Psychology). The job hunt begins…
  • Adam’s career starts as IT Project Manager with the Department of Education. Years pass, and Adam’s looking for higher skies to fly…
  • A day on a plane later, Adam is in the UK working as a consultant for Innocent Drinks. His accent stands out as much as the quality of his work.
  • Several years and companies later, Adam’s a Project Manager for a leading UK Creative Agency.
  • Opportunity knocks. The Creative Agency wants to expand to Australia. Adam’s on a plane home spearheading the opening of the Australian office. Adam grows revenues to $5 million p.a. in just 3 years. He’s a star, and the light catches the attention of others…
  • Australia’s hottest app development agency are looking for shining stars to launch their new NSW office. Adam’s been-there-and-done-that, and takes Outware Mobile from 1 to 60 people in 3 years with $6 million p.a. 
  • Outware Mobile is acquired by ARQ Group. Adam’s now Executive Director. A few years pass and Adam is promoted to Partner NSW. 

“Adam, you’re stranded on a deserted island. Which 3 items would you take?”

  1. A solar-charged Kindle that’s “fully-loaded” including a book on “How to Master Guitar in 30 Days”.
  2. My dog (he’s awesome).
  3. A fishing rod.

Andrew Field

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • It’s 1999 and the University of Melbourne’s new commercial subsidiary: Melbourne IT, is 3 years new. Andrew fondly remembers discovering the secret off-limits basement housing the server to Australia’s top-level domain registry (.com.au). Melbourne IT is where Australia’s internet started. Andrew is part of the new digital frontier as COO for all corporate functions and investor relations.
  • A decade passes and Andrew ventures out to new opportunities as Deputy CEO at Superpartners – the Superannuation industry’s largest provider of admin services.
  • In a change of industry and scenery, Andrew joins Swinburne University as COO in Hawthorn. As an avid Essendon supporter, Andrew finds it challenging driving into the lion’s den each day. He’s heavily-outnumbered by Hawthorn supporters – but ever the professional – Andrew perseveres for nearly 4 years.
  • Greener pastures footy fields call, and Andrew accepts a position as COO with Versent, bidding farewell to his old days surrounded by the brown and gold…
    Or so he thinks.
  • Andrew turns full circle by joining the Arq Group as CFO – where it all started two decades ago from his days at Melbourne IT. Andrew’s home to roost… lest he realise in more ways than one. Unbeknown to Andrew, he now reports to one of Australia’s biggest Hawthorn supporters: Arq Group’s CEO, Tristan Sternson.

“Andrew, you are alone on an exotic remote island and can take any 3 items with you. What would you choose?”

  1. My kids.
  2. A ‘Bombers’ football to keep them busy.
  3. A long book so I can just sit back and relax.

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