Real-Time MultiValue Data

Without a Million Dollar Budget?

The million dollar (MultiValue data) question
no longer needs a million dollar budget.

Rewrite the Rules...
Not MultiValue File Dictionaries

You’ve heard it before: the claim of a silver bullet to unlock your MultiValue data. 

It sounds promising, until the fine print means writing dictionaries.

With ARQ Fuse, legacy databases no longer require legacy thinking.

Now you can access real-time MultiValue data without writing dictionaries, so you can break free from the months and millions invested in MultiValue Pick database developers.

“We are now pulling growing volumes of data from production systems and feeding our data warehouse, which in turn is used to support powerful, customised business reporting and analytics.”

Rob Hale

Chief Digital Officer, Regional Australia Bank 

How It Works

How Would You Like Your MultiValue Data Today?

Real-Time, On Request or Batch?

In today’s plight for competitive advantage, the answer is only as good as the question data. 

But answering questions is traditionally performed by people, not systems. 

ARQ Fuse rewrites the rules (not dictionaries), so you have answers to questions at the speed of curiosity from MultiValue data available in real-time, on request or batch.

Compatible with Top MultiValue Database Systems

ARQ Fuse is compatible across all the leading MultiValue database vendors such as NPS Reality by Northgate and Rocket’s UniVerse and UniData. Vendor-wide compatibility means it’s now possible to unlock your data – cost-effectively – in weeks (not months), and maintain your application vendor support agreements.

It’s Hard Accessing MultiValue Data

You’ve got the data – and plenty of it – but extracting meaningful and timely business intelligence is the greatest challenge. Disconnected silos stifle competitive advantage and end of day data isn’t fast enough anymore.

MultiValue legacy database systems shouldn’t mean legacy outcomes.  

You tried accessing your MultiValue data and it’s too hard and expensive. In-house developers, contractors and vendor solutions have all tried to meet the demanding standards your organisation needs. And just when you thought you finally found a solution, it’s too slow and clunky.

You want real-time business intelligence dashboards for decision making at pace, the competitive advantage of digital transformation, and the ability to migrate all your data to the cloud.

Disconnected Silos

Illuminate Your Dark Data

Lift the veil on dark data-impairment and say goodbye to disconnected information silos. Unite scattered data puddles into centralised data lakes with integrated data domains for on demand visibility across your entire organisation.

ARQ Fuse enables a single point of conformed data-truth with the confidence of governance for data-driven decisions at pace. Ask new data and analytic questions across your full data set and get answers in real-time, unlike never before.

Data & Analytics

Customers expect instant gratification and personalisation at every touchpoint. ARQ Fuse gives you a wealth of customer data and analytics offering valuable insights to constantly improve your CX/CSAT. 

Now your decision making is no longer shackled to the crawl of pace from traditional MultiValue systems. With ARQ Fuse, your data maintains speed with your need for answers – in real-time, on demand, or batch – the choice is yours.    

ARQ Fuse Might
Not Be For You
  • If you have big budgets
  • You have the luxury of months to years to validate a proof of concept
  • You’re staffed with an army of in-house MultiValue database developers
  • You’re happy with green-screens and not UX/UI
  • You’re happy with the current speed and depth of access to your MultiValue data
ARQ Fuse Might Be For You

✔  If you want business intelligent dashboards built on real-time MultiValue data

✔  You want to modernise or embark on a digital transformation

✔  You want to leverage cloud technology and migrate your MultiValue data to the cloud 

✔  You need rapid time-to-value return on a proof of validation in weeks (not months)

✔  You are NOT satisfied with just green-screens

✔  You DON’T want to invest millions experimenting on access to your MultiValue data

✔  You DON’T have an army of in-house MultiValue database developers

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying legacy thinking to a legacy challenge creates legacy outcomes at a legacy pace. ARQ Fuse works because it applies non-MultiValue information governance and non-MultiValue data handling techniques to resolve the MultiValue paradigm. Normalising your MultiValue database is the secret sauce of our intellectual property that empowers you to choose any data analytical platform to gain fresh new insights from your MultiValue data.

Yes, we definitely can, as ARQ Fuse is the proprietary magic that allows us to validate your proof of value so quickly. You’ll get the answers to business questions hidden in your MultiValue database – and we’ll do it in just two weeks. 

Once the veil of MultiValue data-blindness is lifted, you’ll start to see new data insights unlike before. We’re guessing you’ll never want to go back to the ways of old and proceed to an eight week engagement to build out your proof of value. There’s no obligation to do so, you can simply take the findings from your proof of value. The terms and conditions to qualify for a free proof of value will be explained in detail by your dedicated MultiValue specialist.

Simply complete the form below with your details and a MultiValue specialist will contact you to walk you through the process. Alternatively, you can call Steve or Tim below:

Steve McCormick

Chief Customer Architect
+61 408 837 914

Tim Kuusik

Director QLD
+61 418 886 555