AI in Risk and Compliance Management

X-Ray Vision. 
Faster Than a Speeding Bullet.

Meet "Bronte", the AI-enabled diagnostic superhero with x-ray vision, scanning thousands of your risk controls in seconds.

Leverage Your GRC Software with AI

(BFSI's new BFF)

The industry's new BFF: Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) with an AI diagnostic tool that seamlessly integrates into your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) system. Bronte's AI risk control management leverages your risk framework, tackling tens of thousands of risk controls in minutes for enhanced GRC automation you can rely on.

Bronte: The Grammarly of Risk Managemant Management

Imagine a deep learning, AI-enabled risk control checker that scans and scores every single control, providing instant feedback as you draft. Robust and all-encompassing, it's like your Grammarly for risk controls, happening at the point of authoring in real-time.

How To Reduce My Risk and Compliance Costs?

Risk and compliance management is costly and time consuming, especially post Hayne Royal Commission. It requires robust, cost-effective solutions (at scale) – because if you get it wrong – fines imposed by regulatory bodies can amount to hundreds of millions. Get it right, you’ll not only be a rockstar in the organisation, you’ll be contributing a significant reduction to your OpEx – a potential game changer.

73% of financial services organisations and 67% of banks use a governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) tool in support of their Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) activities.

It's Like Night Vision

in the Fog of War of Risk Management and Compliance

Deploying a battalion-sized task force won’t cover your entire risk management terrain when you’re faced with tens of thousands of controls. Limited time and resources reduce efforts to mere sub-samples, extrapolated across your entire risk and compliance landscape. 

What if you could clone an army of your most elite risk and compliance operatives, equipped with AI-enabled real-time diagnostics for optics across your entire risk and compliance department?

Dropping the Drudgery

So You Can Focus Where It Matters

The constant changing winds of regulatory compliance means re-education and mastery isn’t humanly possible with 100% accuracy at scale. The dark overhanging cloud of harsh financial penalties for non-compliance only adds to the risk, culminating into pressure for perfection.

Bronte puts the “AI” into risk management and compliance by empowering your brightest talent with a GRC diagnostic tool scanning and scoring your entire risk control universe in a matter of minutes. Finally your group risk and compliance teams now have full transparency across tens of thousands of controls, grading each one with a score and highlighting the root cause; down to the minutia of who, what, when, where and why.

Organisational-wide optics across the landscape of risk controls (accomplished in minutes) has never been possible before. With Bronte, your team can drop the drudgery, getting back their time and focusing where it matters most.