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Digital Twin

Predict what happens next with a Digital replica

Remote Monitoring 
Optimise Maintenance Schedules
Real-Time Assessments and Troubleshooting 
VR Simulations for Technical Supp...

Power Apps

Streamline painful internal processes

Internal Processes
Event Management


Increase engagement and interaction and enrich customer experience

Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
Customer Engagement
Customer Experience


Improve customer experience

Customer Experience


Impactathon: 145 Staff Dedicate a Day of Innovation for Change “I’ve done Hackathons in the days of Melbourne It, Outware – outside the business, in

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Space Management

The new digital age
requires new thinking.
Discover the latest emerging technologies providing smart solutions to new challenges:

Avoid the Crowd
Keep Your Distance Assistance
Digital Twins

It's not all stand-ups and burndown charts...

Fun lives here