Grad Profiles

Meet Hadley, Evelyn and Nathan

Hadley Dixon

“I’ve been passionate about programming for years, so it only made sense to pursue software development and study a Bachelor of IT at Swinburne University of Technology. After my degree I was confident I had the technical skills to work in the industry, but what excited and stood out to me about Arq’s grad program was its focus on developing our ‘soft skills’.

As graduates in a client facing role, our ability to consult and build trusted relationships with customers is equally as important as the hard skills we bring to the table. Since starting at Arq, I’ve learnt so much from the team and every day has brought with it new opportunities and experiences. I feel a great sense of pride in the work I have produced so far and am focused on continually developing my skills and building out my portfolio.”

Evelyn Mieu

“I wasn’t the kind of person who knew what I wanted to do from a really young age, or was a massive techy during high school. My path to Arq has been a bit less linear and I’ve learnt so much along the way!
I studied a huge breadth of subjects at uni, including writing, film production, visual and audio editing, graphic design, advertising and social media marketing. These might not sound like they’re directly related to tech, but I developed heaps of transferrable skills which have set me up for success at Arq.

At uni I found myself starting to apply a tech lens to lots of the work I was doing and imagining possible digital solutions to problems. This is when I started looking in to Arq’s grad program. I really loved the format of the program which includes an intensive bootcamp, buddy-style mentorship, and thorough on-the-job training.

Even though I’ve still got plenty to learn, I can already see the positive difference my work is making for the team and for our clients. It’s a pretty great feeling!”

Nathan Rhodes

“I considered working as consultant when I was still at uni, with a keen interest in applying these skills in the tech and development sector. Arq stood out to me for having a great and people-centric culture that put its customers and staff before all else.

In a few short months I’ve worked closely with different teams to develop my communication skills and am now confident presenting incredibly complex and nuanced ideas in a clear and compelling way. Looking forward, I want to work on my design and creative skills and apply these to different areas of my work.”

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