Workshops unlock the power of data and analytics

Mark Addy

Mark Addy

Workshops unlock the power of data and analytics

Maryna Tyshchenko knew that the world of data and analytics had the potential to unlock new opportunities and progress her career. So, when the opportunity came along to delve deeper and learn new skills, the Sydney-based Human Resources Assistant jumped at the chance. She signed up for several workshops and events co-hosted by Arq Group and She Loves Data, and since then she hasn’t looked back.

Arq Group and She Loves Data unlock the power of data and analytics

When Arq teamed up with She Loves Data in 2019, we had no idea that the partnership would prove so successful. As a Work180 endorsed employer for women, Arq’s mission is to create partnerships that help drive our commitment to gender equity in the workplace.

Throughout 2019, more than 1,000 women attended the workshops, networking events and coaching sessions that helped debunk myths, challenge stereotypes and unveil the powerful nature of data.

The Introduction to Data Analytics Workshop introduced participants to the logical thinking behind data and analytics and business intelligence, while the other highly successful She Loves Data workshops, such as Tableu Data Storytelling, illustrated how data can be used to tell a compelling story and guide decision-making. In other words, data shouldn’t be feared but revered!

“Our hope was to inspire a new generation of women to pursue careers in data, a traditionally male-dominated area. We were proud to support a tribe of close to 1,000 women as they navigated the fascinating world of tech. Our workshops and meet-ups were dynamic forums where data novices of all generations could learn new skills,” said Arq’s Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Samantha Trewick.

Throughout 2019 Maryna participated in the She Loves Data Tableau Data Storytelling, Introduction to Data Analytics, Introduction to Python Programming for Data workshops and mingled with like-minded women at the Data is the New Black meetup event.

“What I loved about the She Loves Data workshops was that women with all levels of experience were welcomed. It didn’t matter if you were new to the data world or you were a professional data analyst, everyone could find useful information, make new professional connections and meet fabulous and inspiring people from data and other fields.

“One of my favourite events was the Tableau Data Storytelling workshop with the amazing Cynthia Halim hosted by Arq Group. I learned a lot about data, become more confident in my ability to use technology and data analytics tools/programming languages such as Tableau, SQL, Python and I started to think critically.

“I believe that the knowledge what I gained with ‘She Loves Data’ will help me to progress my career to HR Analytics in the future,” Maryna said.

It wasn’t all about the hard data. To round out their skills, three workshops, held in collaboration with Tableau and Yellowfin, focused on developing participants’ presentation skills, critical thinking, communication skills and personal brand.

As a proud WGEA pay equity ambassador, Arq is passionate about supporting and encouraging women and we’re committed to closing the gender pay gap.


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