Meet our new ARQ New South Wales State Lead

Amanda Milin

Amanda Milin, State Lead – New South Wales, leads the ARQ business for New South Wales. She spoke to us about her exciting new role, the career pivot which led to her finding a new role in the technology sector, the top trends she sees over the next five years and her passion for trying new things.

What excites you for your new role?

In my new role as ARQ New South Wales State Lead, I’m focused on growth – the ability to really positively influence and grow our business. I am excited to help develop and grow the next generation of leaders and improve myself. There are so many interesting people here at ARQ that come from a diverse range of backgrounds – I’m excited by the possibility of leveraging individual’s personal strengths to see how we can do things better for ourselves, for ARQ and for our clients…and have some fun along the way.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I can’t sit still and my life is always evolving. I always like to try new things and challenge myself both physically and mentally. The range includes starting to learn how to play golf (I’m still woeful), getting into road biking (I’m better at this than golf), new hikes and water sports. I love being with friends and family and especially when it is combined with travel – I’m off overseas soon for the first time in a few years.

How did you end up in the Technology Industry?

I’ve had a varied career journey to say the least. I started as a corporate lawyer in both big law firms and in-house, and then became a small business owner. I then made a complete switch to technology sales and management. I’ve been at ARQ for over three years and have had the great fortune to work alongside very talented people, who have supported me and encouraged me in the roles that I have had. I have learnt completely new skills, taken on new challenges and forged a career in a completely different industry that presents opportunity every single day.

What are the top trends you predict over the next 5 years?

  • How cloud maturity- not just adoption – will be essential for 2022 technology advancements
  • Surviving the Great Resignation – in a dynamic labour market organisations must focus more and more on employee retention. This will require increased investments in reskilling and upskilling programs. The best employee experiences will benefit customers and ultimately lead to better business results.
  • Remote work is here to stay – but we need to improve how we remote work and create effective hybrid models with face-to-face time in the office. Personal engagement is so important in the workplace from a collaboration and knowledge transfer perspective.
  • For organisations undergoing significant digital transformation – bringing people on the journey is equally as important as the technology. The key to success will be ensuring that the best fit operating models and organisational structures are in place and aligned to support transformation initiatives.
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