Our certified experts can provide end to end Cloud FinOps advisory, cloud cost assessments, cost optimisation and assist to implement recommendations, accelerating your FinOps journey. 

What's the cost of doing nothing?

32% of cloud consumption is estimated to be wastage. 
59% of organisations advised Cloud Cost Optimisation was their top cloud initiative for 2022. 

Flexera State of the Cloud Report, 2022 

Service Offering

Initial Engagement

Ongoing Delivery


Business advisory covering all aspects of FinOps. 

Outcomes/Use Cases:


Detailed current state assessment of cloud costs and utilization. 

Outcomes/Use Cases:

Ongoing Delivery


Mitigate cloud cost risk with tooling and FinOps SMES. 

Outcomes/Use Cases:


Accelerate cloud adoption by enabling organisational change. 

Outcomes/Use Cases:

Benefits of NCS NEXT FinOps

Enable rapid decision-making

Readily available cloud consumption data assists with decision making and also drives increased cloud governance.

Unlock funds for additional cloud initiatives

Cost optimisation unlocks funding for additional investments in security, data and modernisation.

Reduced wastage with prompt turnaround

End to end engagement from baseline cost assessment to implementation is delivered in weeks, allowing clients to realise savings promptly.

Detect unexpected cost and usage anomalies

Near real-time monitoring captures anomalous costs and usage, avoiding bill shock and adding a layer of governance.

Achieve organisational sustainability goals

The removal of cloud wastage reduces your cloud carbon footprint, allowing you to achieve scale and innovate responsibly.

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