Birch Learning Platform Managed Services

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B Online Learning (BOL) provides design, development and delivery of contemporary digital learning solutions for any size organisation and industry.

With unmatched flexibility, powerful reporting, simple management and an intuitive user experience, B Online Learning’s ‘Birch Learning Platform’ continues to be a popular choice for learning management platforms in Australia.

As the Birch Learning Platform customer base has grown, so too has the need for the learning platform to remain highly available, be able to scale rapidly and keep Cloud spend optimised and well understood.

There is also a heightened sensitivity to cybersecurity and information security concerns, so B Online Learning sought a Managed Service Provider with experience in supporting clients in a highly regulated environment and ideally holding the ISO27001 accreditation to provide an industry best practice approach building confidence for their customers.


B Online Learning selected NCS Australia to provide Managed Services to their AWS environment and learning platform.

NCS Australia worked with B Online Learning to uplift their AWS landing zone from a security perspective and optimised Cloud spend through their tried & tested Operational Readiness framework.

Through ongoing collaboration the NCS Australia and B Online Learning teams have also improved overall operational maturity and the resilience of the learning platform.


  • Cost Optimisation of their AWS environment leading to savings of 15% per month
  • Safe transition of the platform from the incumbent provider over a period of 4 weeks without issue
  • Worked collaboratively with the B Online Learning development team to optimise the platform from a reliability point of view leading to an improvement in performance
  • Agreed flexible ways of working and continuous improvement initiatives with the B Online Learning team as they continue to improve their offering and grow their client base
  • Provide support services to B Online Learning with respect to the controls and processes that have been independently audited to be ISO27001 compliant