Arq Group powers personalisation for businesses across Australia with launch of virtual concierge

Mark Addy

Mark Addy

Arq Group powers personalisation for businesses across Australia with launch of virtual concierge

Arq Group, a leading Australian digital solutions provider, is transforming the modern office with the introduction of the virtual concierge. Designed to give Australian businesses the opportunity to deliver the ultimate personalised experience, the digital receptionist utilises both artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver the next generation of customer experience.

Offering conversational and contextual assistance through touch free interaction, customers can approach and talk to the digital receptionist to notify staff of arrival, order their favourite coffee and even complete on-site safety inductions if relevant. The bespoke product can be designed specifically to match the tone, style and image of the brand across their multiple office sites and check-in points.

“Seamless touchpoints that look and feel the same no matter where you engage with a brand are hard to come by. Creating an office space without a reception, that is still welcoming and representative of the organisation, creates a holistic experience that many businesses are still struggling to tap-into,” says Daniel Johnson, Sales Director Southern Region at Arq Group.

The machine learning technology evolves after every customer contact – remembering the interaction, requests and requirements so that the individual has an easy and smooth experience the next time.

According to Mr Johnson, implementing this type of technology enables businesses to deliver innovative experiences that their competitors may not yet be offering, while maximising employee value.

“The receptionless office enables businesses to free up their human resources to handle more complex tasks while still giving customers a consistently positive experience at every office touchpoint. It’s not about replacing staff, it’s about freeing them up to add value to other parts of the business,” continues Mr Johnson.

Businesses in the retail, tourism and travel, HR and resources industries are most likely to benefit immediately from the virtual concierge.

Arq Group itself is using the virtual concierge across it’s three office locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.

“We know the importance of a positive brand experience and it made total sense for us to deploy it and see the next-gen in customer experience come to life across our own offices,” concludes Mr Johnson.

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