Endless possibilities, out-of-the-box

Instead of building the necessary product from scratch, NCS Next helps Governments, universities, planners, stadiums and organisations plan for smart city growth with an out-of-the-box digital twin solution

Digital twins, made scalable

Digital twins have become one of the most useful tools to help optimise operating expenditure and drive sustainability initiatives.

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Boost in productivity
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Reduction in carbon emissions
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Cut in maintenance and operating costs
That’s all well and good, but when it comes to the point where you want to scale up, it becomes a bit trickier.

Inability to prove value clearly due to rising operating costs


Inability to implement quickly due to lower productivity


Inability to achieve success long term and report on sustainability measures

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Digital Twins are the ultimate tool for Governments, universities, stadiums, planners and organisations to design, plan and manage their connected cities, campuses, stadiums and assets in an efficient and cost effective way


Build a business use case and ensure strategic alignment.

  • Determine strategic objectives
  • Assess current tech landscape
  • Identify best use cases & desired outcomes


Join disparate data sources to create a connected data ecosystem.

  • Determine strategic objectives
  • Assess current tech landscape
  • Identify best use cases & desired outcomes


Gain a unified, real-time view of simulated assets and/or processes.

  • Visualise the environment and its change over time across cities, campuses, stadiums, building and other assets
  • View insights from an intuitive dashboard
  • Collaborate across siloed teams and departments


Take action and progressively improve manufacturing operations in smart buildings.

  • Demand predictive analysis of cities, campuses, stadiums, buildings
  • Understand the relation between changes in demographic, immigration, climate etc.
  • Model infrastructures


Scale and optimise with our ongoing managed services.

  • Receive ongoing support
  • Integrate solutions with wider digital ecosystems
  • Manage cyber security risks at all times

Built on AWS IoT TwinMaker

Our Smart Cities Digital Twin solution is built on AWS utilising AWS IoT Suite including AWS IoT TwinMaker to easily create digital twins of real-world systems to optimise operations.

Our AWS digital twin solution is built with our 25 years of experience in mind, 

allowing you to scale without surprises.

Equipped for success
with NCS Next

Industry expertise backed by technical excellence

A perfect balance of deep technology, data science and industry expertise

Laser-focus on solving real business problems, fast

For us, it’s all about delivering tangible solutions and achieving goals.

Collaborative approach for longer-term success

We build solutions that are made for you, with you, to guarantee maximum scalability.

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Technical Certifications
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Cost savings can be obtained in key areas, such as energy and utilities, transportation, safety and security, and infrastructure (roads/buildings). However, urban digital twins also offer many other advantages in terms of supporting and improving sustainability, circularity, decarbonisation, and the overall quality of urban living.

  • First-time suitable designs of buildings and other physical infrastructure, avoiding expensive modifications after completion
  • Energy-efficient building designs maximising solar capacity and yielding lifetime energy savings
  • Resilient and safe infrastructure designs reducing policing and emergency response costs
  • Optimised designs of utilities, streetlight, and surveillance networks to achieve the same coverage target with less CapEx
  • Design of COVID-19-proof buildings to deliver healthcare savings
  • Digital twins enable efficient e-government through seamless exchange of data with citizens for mediation purposes.
  • Think of a digital twin as the processor behind an IoT strategy. They take real-time IoT data, mostly collected through IoT sensors on physical machinery, and apply AI and data analytics to optimise performance and predict potential issues. NCS NEXT works with AWS IoT TwinMaker to integrate digital twins into web applications so you can monitor and improve operations.