Discover meaningful connections between customers and brands, with our innovative digital solutions.

Development. Code. Design. Migration. Research. Analysis. Data. Engineering. Architecture. Creative. Arq Group ticks off all your technology solutions. The difference is partnership. We consult, collaborate and innovate with you to ensure the digital connections you make resonate with, and empower your customers, and prepare you to handle the tech challenges ahead.

Ideas without limits

How is this for blue sky? 80% of Arqadians do a job that didn't exist five years ago. No wonder our solutions are known for pushing the limits of creativity and technology.

But though we hunger for unimaginable possibilities, how we reach them is tightly human-centred and reliable.

We zero in on solving your customers' need - whether it's to be more organised, productive, educated, happier or entertained. Our collaborative, agile processes help you take the fastest possible route to market. And our quality end-to-end offerings ensure you evolve your own technical capabilities and create connected experiences across the entire customer journey.

Digital transformations that delight customers? Now there's an idea.

Innovation is our DNA

The origins of Arq Group can be traced back over two decades ago to a cutting edge IT initiative based in the bowels of the University of Melbourne. To this day, innovation is our driving force.

Now, over 900 people at Arq Group in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and beyond create change and solve human problems with aspiring ideas, design and technology. We're still at the forefront of digital transformation, pushing technology's furthermost and newest boundaries.

With size and experience has come privilege. On each customer's behalf, we're now able to leverage our partnerships, reputation and capabilities to create futuristic possibilities across their entire customer experience life cycles.

With Arq Group, you choose innovation that's not a corporate cliché, but at the core of your partnership.

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Digital (mobile and web)

Digital (mobile and web)

Our digital solutions successfully connect your brand and customer needs. Harness customer experience design that's agile, impactful and developed with full understanding of your customer.

  • User experience design
  • Service design
  • Product design
  • Storytelling
  • Innovation workshops
  • Innovation readiness assessments
  • Ideation and proof of concepts

Data and analytics

Data and analytics

The focus of our data services is to thrust your digital capabilities into the modern age so you achieve growth. Thrive in a new environment where decisions are data-driven and innovation keeps pace with rapid change.

  • Data integration, migration and storage
  • Data governance and security
  • Business intelligence
  • Data visualisation and analytics
  • Data-driven marketing
  • Customer analytics
  • Data warehousing



When it comes to the cloud, experience with secure, stable, high-performance cloud platforms that scale with your organisation is vital. It's why hundreds of Australian companies trust Arq Group with their cloud strategy. As your cloud partner, we turn menacing into magical.

  • Cloud adoption and migration
  • API development and middleware integration
  • Managed services
  • Applied security services
  • DevSecOps enablement and management
  • Certified ISO27001 Solutions

Client Stories

See how our innovators solved super-complex problems to deliver business-powering outcomes for our clients and their customers. 

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