Why Personalize with Arq?

As a digital professional services company we have an incredible ability for harnessing data analytics and a talent for imagining and implementing innovative digital solutions to modern and complex problems.

We’re an Amazon premier partner, Australia’s first to be granted the Data and Analytics Competency and a global launch partner for the AWS Personalize machine learning service. That means we demonstrate deep knowledge and expertise of AWS, and have deft skill to proficiently support customers to collect, store, govern, and analyse data at any scale.

For you this means you partner with people who have delivered personalised digital experience innovation for some of Australia’s strongest brands.

Amazon Personalize can be used to create an engaging user experience by surfacing personalised recommendations, create personalised search and deliver personalised notifications, using machine learning technology perfected from years of use on Amazon.com. We can help you configure and set up Personalize for your business context, to serve personalised recommendations into your workflows via a simple API call.

Arq Group AWS Competencies

Get the right information, to the right people at the right time

Strengthen engagement and deepen loyalty by creating personalised digital experiences.

Deliver what your customers and staff need before they search for it.

  • Create impactful one to one interactions
  • Create fullfilling relevant and unique digital experiences through intelligent use of data
  • Increase site engagement metrics such as page visits
  • Simplify process and engagement flows
  • Utilise the same machine learning technology used at Amazon

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It's all about your customer...

The role of personalisation is to drive customer loyalty, conversion and revenue, and delight your customers while you're doing it. Create individualised recommendations for product and content, tailor search results and target marketing.

What your customer will love:

  • Personalise their purchasing experience down to the individual based on demographics and behavioural information
  • The offer of products or services that match their interests

What you will love:

  • Grow revenue
  • Improve engagement by demonstrating that you understand their needs
  • Reduce lost sales from customers wading through too much irrelevant information to find what they need
Personalise the Online Shopping Experience

Does any of this sound familiar?

ChallengeCustomers leave before finding what they want.
SolutionProactively suggest next best offers.
ChallengeCustomers are discouraged by content they are not interested in.
SolutionPrioristise content that align with customers known interests.
ChallengeCustomers mostly make single item purchases.
SolutionProvide next best offers, based on first item selected and what's known about the customer - people like you or people who bought this offers.
ChallengeLow repeat business from customers
SolutionUse personalisation to provide an experience they remember with pleasure.

It's all about your people...

Your people are your greatest asset and worthy of the same personalisation attention as your customers.

What your people will love:

  • Improve staff efficiency by pushing information to them that they’re likely to need based on role, location, department, and your corporate calendar
  • Improve staff engagement by demonstrating that you understand their world and their needs
  • Stop time-wasting and frustration from staff wading through too much irrelevant information to find what they need

What you will love:

  • Increased productivity leading to cost efficiencies
  • Customise to what’s important within your organisation
  • Make your portal a valued asset with regular traffic
Personalise your staff engagement - Arq Group

Does any of this sound familiar?

ChallengeStaff only engage with the intranet during their first week.
SolutionProvide dynamic, personalised content that is relevant to who they are, what they do, and where they work.
ChallengeStaff complain that they missed important company events, such as promotion cycles.
SolutionProactively and personally message staff who are likely to be interested in promotion.
ChallengeStaff find that the company intranet is difficult to navigate to find the information they need.
SolutionEngage staff with a personalised intranet experience that intuitively pushes what they’re most likely to need.
ChallengeSafety officers are sent every incident across the company, whether or not they contain relevant learnings for their part of the business.
SolutionPrioritise incidents based on location, role, and department (people like me).

The Arq Story

Arq Group creates unforgettable experiences, solves complex challenges, and provides seamless, end-to-end solutions. In fact, we design custom solutions across all kinds of technologies which come together to create valuable products and unforgettable customer experiences.

We have evolved from a leading internet infrastructure business to a leading digital solutions partner. Today, we build and manage innovative products and channels to market for many of the country’s largest enterprises.

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