When the only way is 'up'

The problem

When you’re supporting people struggling with their mental health, you simply can’t afford website outages. Consistent ‘uptime’ is non-negotiable. This was the reason one of Australia’s most prominent mental health support organisations engaged us to build them a more robust site, that would not only offer people better support, but would never drop out mid-conversation.

The solution

First, we conducted discovery workshops. These allowed us to produce a high-level design for a platform that met the organisation’s performance, risk, and operating objectives. We also provided detailed estimates for the design, deployment, configuration, and operational support activities we’d recommended.

Working closely with the business’ existing digital partners, we then designed a solution using Amazon Web Services (AWS), which allowed us to significantly improve the functionality of the site through content offload, site availability, and improved security.

Fundamental to the success of the solution was the monitoring – supplied via our Enterprise Support model. This allowed us to consistently manage tickets, incidents, and requests, and constantly scale the platform to match user activity – so outages were all but impossible.

The outcome

Since putting the AWS platform in place, the website has been consistently stable and secure.

Such was the success of the project that we now provide all the management, governance, and security operations for the site – both infrastructure and content – as well as for all of the organisation’s other digital platforms.