NAB teams with Arq to deliver Digital Insights

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Arq has been working in close partnership with NAB for many years delivering a variety of projects, utilising a number of industry-leading technologies. Recently we worked with the NAB Digital Innovation Team to deliver a cloud-hosted, self-service reporting platform enabling the internal commercialisation of data. NABs first cloud-hosted dataset hosted by AWS and approved by APRA.

The Solution

The Digital Insights project came about when NAB identified the opportunity to create a central reporting hub to analyse and create value from data which is being collected from various disparate locations and customer touchpoints across the Bank. The new solution would be scalable and automated, with new datasets updated and ingested regularly meaning data scientists and analysts could transition away from repetitive and time-intensive data collation and operational activities to higher-value predictive and insight work.

NAB turned to Arq because they recognised our depth of knowledge in data, visualisation and the AWS stack, coupled with our working knowledge and understanding of NABs people and processes. Anyone who works in the finance sector understands just how complicated this project is, given APRA requirements; and it was a major accomplishment to receive APRA approval against keeping data in the cloud; being the first set of cloud-hosted data for NAB.

Using technologies including AWS EC2 infrastructure, RedShift and Python and Apache Spark, the platform aggregates data from Teradata, Oracle and 3rd party APIs including Adobe Analytics. There was the additional level of complexity to complying with PCI and PII obligations; but the team delivered on this requirement producing the new centralised reporting platform. Being a safe pair of hands around systems integration and delivery, leading a blended team of NAB staff and contractors, offering thought-leadership around best-practise and technology and tooling selection and bringing expertise in innovation we delivered to the vision.

The Outcome

This platform allows stakeholders across the bank to report on key data allowing them to measure the success of their business units and to assess Digital Adoption across their customers, a key metric for NABs transformation, allowing stakeholders to pivot as necessary towards success.