Making more of your most loyal customers

The Problem

Any company can be proud of growing a large online community of customers. For one large telco, simple pride wasn't enough. They wanted to understand more about the users of their online community: how could they make them even more engaged, more loyal, and more profitable than they currently were?

Problem was, they had no way of knowing if these customers were more valuable than their less engaged counterparts, or even if all that engagement might actually be costing them money, through increased use of call-centre and chat support.

The solution

We were brought in to conduct research and data analysis to get a clear picture of these users, and to present to our client the details of their behaviour, their needs and wants, and the ways they were interacting with the brand. Was the community forum providing value, to both the users and the telco?

Using a data sampling methodology, we analysed call centre and online chat interactions to identify the different characteristics of their user sets - both segmenting the online community users from non-users, and defining six sub-groupings of users. The result was a highly accurate insight into the larger data set - and a clear picture for our client of the value of their online community, and its users.  

Our analysis found that while users spent significantly more with the telco than non-users, they also generated 1.4 times more call centre and online chat interactions - including account, product charges, and mobile related enquiries. And in order for our client to make the most of these highly engaged customers, they'd have to make some changes.

The outcome

Our analysis gave the client the information they needed to improve the platform - not only to make their users more valuable, but to make the online community more valuable for its users. 

For instance, understanding the dominant reasons for calls and chat sessions allowed the client to develop content and tools to increase self-service - improving the profitability of community customers over time.

And by seeing in real terms just how valuable these users were, the telco was able to act with confidence - concentrating their efforts to drive adoption of the platform.