Helping Landmark get the lay of the land

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The problem

As Australia's largest distributor of fertiliser and farming merchandise, Landmark creates and digests a lot of data. With 100,000 clients, across 400 locations, they were using three main IT partners to manage their data, which was preventing Landmark from gaining a full picture of their data.

Over the years, their data - from yields, to fertiliser and chemical data, to soil and tissue samples and mapping data - had become siloed across the three providers, which meant Landmark couldn't get the complete picture of their operations, and limiting their capacity to make strategic and tactical decisions.

The solution

To solve the problem, we proposed, and then built, an AWS Cloud Analytics platform that would allow them to take back ownership of their data, and make it fully integrated, easily accessible, and held in the one place. We then used Microsoft Power BI to draw insights from this data - so it became immediately useful, and able to play a major role in their decision-making.

Phase Two saw us integrate further data sources into the platform, as well as automating the extraction, processing and loading of the data so new information could be experienced in real time. We also took on the 24/7 management of the platform - with a helpdesk, end-to-end monitoring, and a configuration management service at platform and software levels - all within a single production environment.

The outcome

Their new cloud analytics platform gave Landmark a previously impossible view of their operations, allowing them to run analysis across the full breadth of their data sources, and generate the kind of informed reports that lead to outstanding decision-making. Equipped with the relevant information, Landmark are not only serving their clients better, they're setting a course for a more successful future.