Giving banking a makeover

The problem

Credit card customers expect to use web-based platforms for their internet banking and account management needs. For an international financial services company, the problem was, their credit offer's website had limited functionality, was not mobile-enabled, and couldn't perform real-time transactions - making it difficult for customers to keep track of their spending in a meaningful way. It was time to go mobile, and to do it in a high-performance, low-maintenance way

The solution

The client team engaged us to develop a simple, helpful and value-adding app for customers - focusing on user experience, and more engagement around loyalty points earning and offers. 

Collaborating with the client's stakeholders, we were able to unite a Cloud-based back-end with a beautifully designed user experience. This end-to-end digital experience was a first not only for the client, but for us - beginning our journey towards bundling our services as Arq Group. 

From the UX design to its visual look and feel, right through the back-end development, middleware, quality assurance, security, and the management of the entire project - we were able to deliver the entire project from start to finish.

The result was an easy-to-use, highly functional app providing customers with a convenient and secure way to access internet banking and account management on their iPhone or Android devices. It also gave them access to special offers, and allowed simple loyalty card scanning, and payment from their phone through pay tag technology.

The outcome

The product resonated with customers from the start. Downloads in the first two days exceeded expectations. Since then the client has seen a huge uptake of the app, and an equally significant increase in customers engaging with their services online.  

The app has also received a number of awards, across both mobile and app design awards and banking and finance awards.