Giving Alexa the skill to really take off

The problem

Airlines are always looking for ways to build customer loyalty through making flying with them a simpler, more rewarding experience. With the launch of Amazon Alexa, a leading international airline saw an opportunity to revolutionise the way their customers engaged with them. And they asked us to make it happen.

The solution

Creating the airline's Travel Skill for Alexa required not only expertise with one of the world's latest technologies, but the ability to work co-operatively with a number of internal stakeholders and external parties to deliver a piece of technology that would change airline travel, in this country and beyond, forever. 

We played a key role from the beginning. At the discovery stage we researched how best Alexa could improve the passenger experience, where the greatest levels of disengagement were occurring, and where voice interaction could make the biggest impact. From there we outlined the key capabilities the Skill needed to have - including accommodating the widest possible range of accents and dialects - and then set about building it, on time and on budget, while managing a broad range of external partners and contributors.

The finished product was not only a first for the airline, but also for passengers - making it possible to simply ask Alexa for their flight time, check in on their frequent flyer points, and a whole lot more.

The outcome

The new Alexa Skill is transforming the way the airline's customers are interacting with them. For the first time, passengers are having a one-one-on conversation with the brand - and creating a relationship that's not only more convenient, but more... human.  

This Alexa Skill was one of only 24 across Australia and New Zealand to be chosen as an official launch partner for Amazon Alexa.