BSM Global increase their ability to deal with scale

BSM Global is a leading supplier of trade management solutions for importers and exporters, providing technical and commercial consulting, as well as cloud based software solutions for international trade and supply chain operations.

The Challenge

BSM Global had been running all their applications through physical data centres, which carried with them a requirement for continuous capital expenditure and a constant need to be refreshed.

BSM Global wanted to eliminate the risk associated with being reliant on a single team. This system was managed by select individuals, who were the only people with the required knowledge to keep the platform running. BSM Global wanted to eliminate the risk associated with being reliant on a single team, and, in doing so, increase their ability to deal with scale and be more resilient and responsive to change.

BSM Global engaged Arq Group to help them migrate their application to the cloud and manage their systems

The Solution

Arq Group's solution incorporates multi-tier, multi-AZ architecture that remained sensitive to BSM Global's application and data dependencies while employing a range of AWS capabilities used to improve resiliency and performance.

A key element of this solution was the transition from MySQL to Aurora, a database service that will increase BSM Global’s ability to deal with scale and performance, and will support their backend service dealing with front end activity. Aurora performs up to five times faster than traditional databases, resulting in reduced risk, and increased scale and performance.

A current program of work to transition the primary file system to Amazon EFS is expected to further improve resiliency, performance, and the end-user experience.

Arq Group’s security principles protect the platform: VPC subnet, security group, internal/external elastic load balancing, and NAT gateway architecture isolate critical systems; VPC VPN, AWS KMS, and SSL protect data in transit and at rest; multi-factor SAML-based SSO, SIEM-integrated CloudTrail logging, and refined IAM roles and policies control and record platform access and activity; while customised event logging, AMI management, and service bootstrapping help complete the security picture.

The Outcome

After migrating their application to the cloud, BSM Global saw an improvement in the resiliency and performance of their database, as well as a corresponding reduction in their risk profile. The application is now able to automatically recover from failure events using core AWS competencies such as auto-scaling and self-healing. This has removed the ‘technical key person risk’, ensuring that the platform is able to automatically recover from infrastructure-related failure events without technical resource intervention.

Arq Group has also assisted BSM Global in operationalising their IT spend, providing them with greater clarity around their monthly IT expenditure.

As a result of Arq Group’s improvements, BSM Global now has an application with a lower risk profile, improved resiliency, and an ability to automatically recover from failure events, all while retaining the flexibility to securely accommodate unique customer data formats, receipt methods, and processing requirements.