You’ll Work on Tech Innovations Changing the Rules of the Game.

How’s working on bleeding-edge technologies innovating entire industries by delivering meaningful impact to the lives of everyday Australians?

Getting your hands dirty on game-changing tech you’ll bring to life from the outer extremities of innovation – we’re talking bleeding edge tech solutions.

Innovative thinking that’s changing the rules of the game. Projects with social impact saving lives and homes by rewriting the rules to national disaster management. You’ll join the front line in fire fighting (from the comfort of your desk) with real-time bushfire alerts, saving residents from nearby fires.

How about working on confidential projects powered by deep learning AI models that are doing today what couldn’t be done yesterday?

(We’d really love to tell you more, but then we might have to kill you).

But if you’re really good at keeping secrets, you might find yourself at the table of high-stakes Government projects that shape Australia’s future (but you won’t be able to tell your family and friends).

Life @ARQ: Fun. Fame. Fortune.

Dedicating thirty-eight hours a week to mastering your tradecraft should be fun and fulfilling. It’s why we map your personal career growth plan with a clear path of progression, growth opportunities, and career milestones. Fulfilment and happiness are key KPIs built into your career roadmap.


  • Office table tennis

  • Quiet corners

  • Snacks

  • Company lunches

  • Limitless coffee

  • Social gatherings


  • Tier-1 Clients
  • Latest Tech (Full Stack)
  • Mentorship
  • Tech with impact


  • ARQademy

  • Regular Performance Appraisals


Build Your Own Future

It’s your career, so let’s build it together, starting with your 7-week ARQ Bootcamp to hone your talents and find your calling.

You’ll gain exposure to all areas of the business, where nothing is off limits! Delve into an immersive, hands-on learning experience across all disciplines and industries. See what you like, tinker with the latest tech, and start building your career and network!

Learning & Networks

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