Like many innovative businesses, our story begins in unlikely places.

The basement of a university. A lounge room with a single fax machine. A garage in a childhood home. 

As disparate as these beginnings were, they all had one thing in common: entrepreneurs from humble beginnings with a passion for powering the connections between business and people, through technology.

And like all great success stories, our journey has taken twists and turns...
Start-up to listed entity. 
Local to global. And back again. 
Acquisition, divestment and integration. 

Who we were

Founded in 1996, 'Melbourne IT' had strong leadership in the domains and hosting market, and grew to be the leading provider in Australia, servicing the biggest base of small and medium customers in Australia. We also expanded to cloud and managed services for enterprise customers. 

And while we didn't know it at the time, as we grew through the late 90s and early 00s, other best-in-class brands were growing along with us - brands that would ultimately become part of the Melbourne IT group, like Netregistry, Outware, Infoready and WME. 

We quickly became a unique business, working with customers of all sizes, in all markets. And doing it under a variety of different brands. 

Of course, things never stay the same for long. 
Markets change. 
Customer competition increases. 
Disruptive technologies change the way businesses work. 

Becoming the business of today

Like all 'tech' businesses of the late 90s in Australia, we had to make a transformational journey through the digital age. For us, the line in the sand came in 2014, when we embarked on a strategic vision to become the leading digital services partner in Australia. 

This transformation was completed in 2017. Through strategic acquisitions, divestments and key integration achievements, who we are today is something fundamentally unrecognisable from who we once were. 

We have built a broad suite of new capabilities that have allowed us to become a market leader in end-to-end digital solutions for businesses, big and small. And we will never again simply be a 'domain's and hosting provider', an 'SEO agency', or a 'mobile app builder'.