We've unified Outware, Infoready and Melbourne IT Enterprise brands

Under Arq Group we’ll be able to offer you more integrated digital capabilities and services, unleashing possibilities for you. At a practical level you’ll notice changes to our website, correspondence via Arq Group emails and your invoices will come from Arq Group.

While we are proud of our rich history and legacy with our heritage brands, they no longer truly reflect what our group of companies do. We want to be known as the digital solutions market leader we are becoming, and we need to simplify. Our new name, brand and market positioning now differentiates us. 

Importantly, as a growing people business, we have a unifying language, culture and aspirational goal to guide us further into the future. We can continue to accelerate our growth and clarity of identity in the market, as well as continue building a great place to work for our people – as well as securing the best future talent to create first class innovation work for you. 

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