Grad Profile: Ebony James-McGrath

Meet the Sports Enthusiast Who Turned to Tech

Introducing Ebony James-McGrath, an Associate Consultant and one of the first 10 selected for Melbourne’s ARQ graduate program.

But being first is all too familiar for Ebony, a sports enthusiast who at one time considered a career in sports management. Plans soon pivoted when Ebony learned of the opportunity to work in the tech industry.

Learn why Ebony chose ARQ and her personal aspirations for the grad program.

What made you apply for and choose ARQ as your next career move?

I knew ARQ was making a huge investment in their graduate recruits to make them the best consultants they can be by providing training, opportunities and resources. I really enjoy learning and saw it as the ideal opportunity for me.

I thought the 10-week bootcamp was a great approach to the program, easing us in before launching into the “real world” of ARQ. It turned out to be a great opportunity to grow, get to know my peers, and to be involved and exposed to different areas of the business.

Name 3 things that you have learnt at school or past jobs that will be useful during your time with ARQ?

  1. I firmly believe that “to assume is to…”, you know the rest!
    I never assume anything. In my mind, not knowing isn’t a bad thing. Asking questions is so important, even if you think you sound silly, you never know how many people in a room had the exact same question and were just too afraid to ask.

  2. I’ve avoided working in silos whenever possible. It might sound cliché, but collaboration and teamwork is so powerful and helps produce really unique work that genuinely meets customer needs. Where possible, it’s great to reach out to your peers and managers to ask for their insight and get them involved.

  3. Finally, I’ve learnt the importance of building strong and trusted relationships with everyone. You never know what you’ll learn or what opportunities might come your way!

What’s your dream job?

The ultimate dream would be on the business/client facing side of tech. Whether that be as a connector between business and technology, account management, or being involved in the initial design meetings to understand the brief and requirements to prototype the solution. I enjoy working with others, so being able to blend my skills to provide great customer experience would be great too!


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