Increase agility and lower costs with cloud

August 17, 2019

Author: Steve McCormick


Increase Agility and Lower Costs with Cloud

AWS has revolutionised the way organisations use technology. The commoditisation of virtualisation through public clouds has allowed companies to make use of massive scalability, increased agility and lower costs. Managed Services Providers play a key role in helping organisations recognise and leverage these advantages. One of the key differentiators of Cloud solutions is speed. Platforms are continually evolving and everything happens faster, from provisioning, to monitoring, to alerting. Once the provisioning is finished, the ongoing operation maintains the pace by embracing “infrastructure as code” and other principles of the DevOps movement.

The ability to provide Managed Services across cloud and traditional platforms in a consistent manner and at a consistent pace is becoming increasingly important as businesses leverage cloud to provide front-end services to traditional back-end systems. If the high pace of cloud-based managed services suddenly hits a traditional managed services model in the back end the brakes come on and very quickly compromise the value of cloud.

There are some key areas of focus

  • On-premise drives the need to perform updates, monitoring, and maintenance in-house at the hardware and network level. With Cloud, the cloud vendor deals with all of these activities in a seamless manner. The added responsibilities with the on-premise model can slow things down and cause inefficiency unless the business is structured appropriately. Arq Group operates with a dedicated Platform team allowing the Managed Service Group to consume on premise compute just as they do Cloud compute. Use Cloud environments to augment traditional platforms. The cloud makes everything you need just a click away, so it’s easy to test in
  • Use Cloud environments to augment traditional platforms. The cloud makes everything you need just a click away, so it’s easy to test in development and quickly spin up new environments. Traditional on-premise environments have capacity constraints that have to be managed. We combine both on-premise and cloud solutions to deliver the best of both worlds.
  • Security is top of mind for all and Cloud-based solutions help to offload some, but not all, of the security headaches.
  • To avoid pace clash the principles of agile operations and DevOps need to be applied consistently over both on-premise and cloud-based environments. Code control and orchestration of build and operations need to be applied over all environments.

Cloud computing has not only changed the way we consume technology but also how we deliver Managed Services. Arq Group provides AWS Managed Services to businesses of all sizes and industries. We support our customers to focus on their business by providing Managed services that can consistently operate a pace and deliver innovative solutions using AWS Cloud and the best of breed technologies.



Author: Steve McCormick - Director, Architecture and Project Delivery.