Imagining technology possibilities: Healthcare

Talk about holistic. The entire healthcare industry is undergoing radical digitalisation from prevention to policy. 

Consider the rise of the health conscious user. Taking wellbeing into their own digitally-savvy hands, these people track their own data, like heart rates and steps, then apply the results to seek specific insurance concessions and treatments. Even Common Everyday Patient is part of a new health-conscious trend, and logs on to demand services at a time, place and cost convenient to them.

At macro level, digital smarts - from remote monitoring of vital organs to migrating systems to the cloud - are reducing hospital admissions, bed stay lengths and paperwork. Artificial intelligence is being applied to diagnosis and prevention. APIs - where relevant snippets of data are borrowed from a massive database and accessed more readily in apps - enable patients to access their own records, referrals to be sent direct to providers. 

All are on their way to becoming the norm. Patient, provider, insurer, hospital or government, technology is freeing up time and money for you to allocate more effectively.

There are challenges of course.

The collection, management and usage of data - especially medical records - requires sensitive leadership. Regulators and private enterprise wrangle the payoffs between higher levels of care with the need to regulate for privacy and security. 

There’s also, naturally, the focus on health advancement over core system investment. However, a clear, customer-lead cloud strategy for innovation is now vital for the health industry’s own wellbeing. It’s already commonplace in other industries to have consolidated data on a massive scale, and share it across their enterprises freely. The benefits of having this power and agility to respond quickly to customers and the future of healthcare are immeasurable. 


6 vital business-transforming digital skills

Customer-centric digital experiences

As the Australian population continues to age, more people with digital skills become patients. These patients are more likely to seek appointments, diagnoses and treatments using smart, connected, customer-enhancing experiences. We help you apply advanced human-centred, service design to serve customers more attentively, coupled with leading cloud architecture to ensure scalability from Day 1.

IT transformation

Inherited tech that’s not up to the task? Got a niggling feeling your digital ‘solutions’ are problems? Arq Group Cloud and DevOps specialists immerse themselves in your world to discern the drivers of your operational success, then work with your teams to transform the quality, pace and ROI of your IT solutions.

Scalable machine intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence validate customer journeys at speed. Scale up the learnings and you get more value, faster. As a premium partner of all top cloud providers, Arq Group can securely deliver multiple prototypes at speed. Build. Test. Iterate. Validate. Go live. Customers love your innovations sooner. 

Data and analytics

Data. It’s complex. It’s mammoth. It’s growing. Arq Group give you the power to harness your data, ready for whatever challenges your future holds. Whether its selecting a new cloud data platform, data cleansing or creating models to exploit customer insights or mobilise fraud protection, our veteran team put years of specialist data and analytics expertise at your disposal.  

Emerging technologies

How can Arq Group offer you experience and knowledge in tech that’s brand new? The answer is possibility. Conceiving of what is possible lies at the very heart of our business and is the creative drive behind every customer-reaching decision we make - from designing conversations to innovating interfaces. Our projects are so forward-thinking, cloud providers vie to partner with us and leverage our success. From augmented reality or virtual reality, chatbots or voice-powered virtual assistants, new is what we do.

Cloud migration

They say no two clouds are the same and it’s true. Fortunately, our expertise encompasses private, public and hybrid cloud models. We build cloud-based platforms and systems supporting millions of users, endowing large organisations with startup-esque agility. For smaller organisations, we apply the same heavyweight attention to detail and security.

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