Grad Profile: Pip Wheaton

How a Trip to Europe Changed My Destiny

Pip Wheaton is part of the graduate program’s first cohort. Having started her career in infographic design, Pip joined ARQ to explore the bountiful opportunities the tech industry offers.

We asked Pip her expectations from the grad program and what led her to this point in her career. Here’s what Pip said:

What made you apply for and choose ARQ as your next career move?

When I finished school I thought I wanted to do something in design. After a study tour to Europe (when travel was still a thing), that all changed. On the study tour we designed infographics for start-ups and I soon realised that I had a real passion for helping businesses leverage design in different ways to be more efficient.

When I returned from my travels I changed my majors from Marketing & Comms Design (the standard double degree everyone was doing at the time) to Entrepreneurship & Innovation and UX Design. This was a NEW major that had never been done before – I was SO excited!

After graduating, I chose the ARQ grad program because it would allow me to leverage my background in consulting and use design principles to solve tech problems. Plus, I could feel the start-up culture oozing through the screen and knew it just felt right.

What are three goals you wish to achieve at ARQ this year?

I’ve got quite a long list, but a few include:
  • Travel! – COVID restrictions permitting, I’m desperate to start travelling again even if it’s just interstate. I can’t wait to meet the teams in Brisbane and Sydney in person and continue learning from the talented teams we have at ARQ. I’m keen to work with clients across the country (even the globe) to show them new ways of working.
  • Professional skills – I want to work to craft my own personal style of visual facilitation for clients. I’m keen to learn how to synthesise and present complex information in an accessible visual or graphic format.
  • Networking – Again if COVID permits, I’m looking forward to attending in-person conferences and professional events, rather than dialling in via Zoom. I miss connecting with new people outside my bubble and a conference is the perfect opportunity.
What’s something you want to share with students looking for graduate programs?

Find your superpower and use it to define your personal brand. It’s what makes you unique, celebrate it. 😊

What’s your dream job or a future goal you’ve set yourself?

My ultimate dream goal is to find the space within the UX Design and Consulting worlds that I can define and live up to – potentially in the form of a role that doesn’t exist yet. I’d love to develop my personal portfolio and be known as the best in the business for my skillset.
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