Arq Group's inaugural #Arqathon launch a triumph!

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Ideas, solving complex problems, innovating: these are at the centre of what we do.

On 23 and 24 August we launched the Inaugural 2018 #Arqathon, our first group-wide hackathon under the Arq Group brand. Proudly sponsored by Amazon Web Services (AWS) the action-packed two day event was a resounding success.

Our valued clients, stakeholders and AWS coaches joined our keen hackers at the state-wide events to support and inspire our people as their concepts evolved in real-time idea labs. Not only was it a fun few days of collaborating, networking, team building and up-skilling for our people – it was also a great opportunity to find new ways to help our clients. All the excitement of the day was captured on video. Watch it here.

The Arqathon brought together over 300 of our best talent from specialised areas such as engineering, delivery, innovation, design and marketing to collaborate under the theme of “travel”. Our teams worked on solutions to real life problems using technology, coming up with some really innovative ideas and results. 

Concepts included holiday Chatbots, travel apps, augmented audio tour guides, virtual reality inflight experiences, public transport innovations, carbon footprint trackers and much more. These ideas will solve real world problems with technology, spring-boarding new and innovative products for our customers.

The solutions with inventive insight and compelling storytelling stood out in the judging process as our #Arqathon People’s Choice and Judges Choice winners. All Judge’s Choice Team finalists re-pitched their concepts to Arq Group’s Leadership Team on the 12th of September picking the best-of-the-best as our overall 2018 #Arqathon State Champion.


Proudly sponsored by

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