Domino's Australia

Migrating Domino’s Employee Communication Hub to the Cloud.

“With a diverse workforce spread over hundreds of Domino’s franchises, the need for consistent communication to collaborate and access corporate information is critical.

Email isn’t sufficient to cover the breadth of communication and collaboration required across the entire organisation. With more than 600 stores and over 25,000 employees, consistent and timely communication is key to business success and employee satisfaction.

The My Domino’s platform is the centralised digital home for Domino’s team members to access shift information, news, training and all things Domino’s.

The migration to cloud was the first step in the My Domino’s journey. ARQ’s unique advice and approach to unlock future business applications at speed helped make the Domino’s business transformation what it is today.”

– Steve McCormick

Chief Customer Architect, ARQ Group

Project Background

Domino’s is Australia’s largest pizza chain (by network sales and stores) and the biggest Domino’s Pizza franchisee in the world. Domino’s wanted to create a digital solution that would improve collaboration between Domino’s Corporate and its franchisees. A solution to allow franchisees to manage their businesses by providing access to applications such as rostering, company announcements and updates to important policies such as OHS. 

Previously running Sharepoint and multiple SAAS applications to collaborate with its franchisees, Domino’s wanted to improve the experience by providing a single, easy to use interface that would make the user experience more interactive and personalised. Domino’s built an initial version of the application, but experienced challenges with the environment during testing. 

Enter ARQ Group (who Domino’s contacted to help solve the challenge).

The Challenge

Domino’s are a digitally-led operation with more than 70% of revenue generated online. Domino’s on-premise infrastructure was frequently down. Outages were very costly. Scalability is non-negotiable in such high traffic environments. Domino’s needed a best in class partner to move to the cloud with expertise in managing continuous change. ARQ received the call…


ARQ Group migrated Domino’s infrastructure to the AWS cloud. Retiring technical debt and allowing Domino’s to focus on maintaining a market leading position. ARQ provide an ongoing managed service to ensure digital innovation remains part of Domino’s DNA.

By adopting a native, iterative cloud approach, ARQ Group implemented a deployment process that enabled rapid development while providing the right level of governance and controls to ensure that change could be supported and delivered reliably. Application monitoring was a key component of the solution, allowing for a greater understanding of the impact of changes being made and providing deeper insights into the root cause of problems. 

The approach allowed issues to be identified in minutes, and resolved in days. Code was developed using delivery pipelines, with ARQ Group ensuring operational stability and support. The practice, known as ARQ’s Continuous Value Delivery (CVD) guarantees performance quality by involving solution architects and cloud engineers early in the application design process. CVD ensures design decisions are made with consideration for their potential impacts on application performance. This methodology provides a more proactive approach to managed services, with issues being identified and resolved early, rather than triaged after-the-fact.

AWS Services Used

  • API Gateway
  • Lambda
  • ECS
  • RDS
  • Route53
  • EC2


The My Domino’s application provides a single resource for Domino’s staff to access the tools they need for their work and provides a platform through which the corporate office can inform and inspire franchisees with new content. Domino’s successfully launched the application in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The environment performs reliably, and is currently supporting fortnightly releases of new features and content. ARQ Group continues to work with Domino’s to support new enhancements and feature updates to the My Domino’s platform.

About Brand

Domino’s is Australia’s largest pizza chain (by network sales and stores) and the biggest Domino’s Pizza franchisee in the world, with more than 600 stores and over 25,000 employees. Started in 1961 by brother’s Tom and James Monaghan with one store in Michigan, today Domino’s has over 17,000 locations worldwide.

About ARQ

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