Big Data Services Geared to Work Harder for You

Your business is constantly gathering, processing and storing new information assets. Left unchecked, your data can quickly turn dark – or worse: under-utilised – costing you competitive advantage and security vulnerabilities.

Let’s make your data great again, illuminating dark data and uncovering actionable insights with scalable solutions for data warehousing, analytics, and AI and machine learning.

Data Engineering

Unlocking deep insights by putting your data to work. Without data engineering there is no analytics, no machine learning, no actionable insights. The arrival of cloud has provided unprecedented advantages for how your business can take advantage of your data, helping discover new insights, at speed and at scale. Data engineering is core for any modern enterprise, whether it’s performing data processing and cleansing, creating data pipelines and data lakes. A unified enterprise with universal access to all its data in real-time is a foundational competitive advantage and operational requirement today.

Data Science

You’ve got the data, but how do you use it to solve your challenges? It takes time and money to explore and discover data opportunities. Imagine a prototype that’s built in 14-days and you don’t need to do a thing. It’s called ARQ’s “14-Days to Viability”. A 14-day fail-fast sprint by ARQ’s team of data scientists. Prototype a solution to your challenge in just 14 days. It means a faster path to MVP or tweaking your hypothesis to reach the end goal. Time is money… and in 14-days you’ll have the answers you need. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Harness the power of AI to make decisions-with-precision, backed by robust data modelling and statistical confidence. Now you can conquer your toughest business decisions with surgical precision using predictive data and analytics. Know the now and forecast your future.

Machine Learning (ML)

Deep learning model deployment is notoriously challenging. At ARQ we’ve mastered fast deployment through our ML Ops Platform. Deploy deep learning models in hours and not the traditional weeks-to-months. Yes, hours… (it’s not a typo). With ARQ’s ML Ops Platform, you’ll save time and money deploying your ML models and have tomorrow’s answers today.

Empowering People and Business with Digital Intelligence

As humans, we have the ability to think both analytically and creatively. The same should be true for your business. Leaders today are best positioned to begin constructing an insight-driven, agile culture and is a prerequisite to remain competitive. 

As more data becomes available, more people across your organisation want the ability to put that data to work – to access and analyse this data on their own, finding patterns and insights that collectively encourage agility through your organization, driving better business outcomes, sooner. 

That is a defining trait of digital business: a new relationship with technology that empowers people by shifting data’s and analytics role from enabler to advisor. A wonderful biproduct of a clear, thought out data strategy” 

– Justin Parcell

Partner VIC, ARQ Group

A Talented Team of Expert Data Scientists and Data Engineers

Discover new data possibilities and upgrade your capabilities. 

  • Data Engineering
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  • Data Governance & Security
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Visualisation & Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Customer Analytics
  • Data Warehousing/Lakes
  • Automated Process Mining
  • Dashboards in a Day

Dashboards in a Day

Beautiful and bespoke business intelligence platforms built in a day. Gain exclusive access to ARQ’s Microsoft-PowerBI certified Data Scientists who will show you how to create sleek and sophisticated analytical dashboards in this 1-day workshop (in-person and remote options available). 

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