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Arq Group continues to support the meaningful work of She Loves Data.

Due to the amazing feedback from the Tableau Data Storytelling workshop in Melbourne and Sydney earlier this year, we’ve continued our partnership with She Loves Data bringing another event to Sydney. 

Sixty plus women came to our World Square Office and learnt how data can be turned into something meaningful and compelling enough that it can influence lasting change. 

Storytelling is a prominent feature of Tableau, a visual analytics platform that helps people and organisations to be data driven. You have the data - but what story does the data tell? 

Trainer Cynthia Halim, Tableau Software once again showed our guests how data stories can be used to communicate with decision makers, and how data stories can be used to impact lasting change. 

Eva Taase, Sydney Co-Lead was extremely happy with the how the Sydney Workshop went. 

"Yet another fantastic event by She Loves Data with great support of Arq Group - Tableau Data Storytelling, thank you Cynthia Halim for your amazing training day! 

And huge thanks to Jason Kerr and Arq Group for helping us organise this event and for the continuous support you provide to She Loves Data." Eva said. 

Great partners make great communities work. Arq Group is very proud to support She Loves Data and the work they do in encouraging women to discover the world of technology and data. As a Work180 endorsed employer, we were keen to support initiatives that are promoting women in tech. Samantha Trewick, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Arq Group, said “She Loves Data is a wonderful community of incredible women working across the globe driving gender equality in tech. Our partnership with She Loves Data enables us to work together, to not only support women in Data, but to engage men in the conversation and enable them to also push for gender equality in a tangible way.” 

Keep an eye on the She Loves Data Events Page for upcoming events, including the upcoming “Introduction to Data Analytics for Women” event, to be held at Arq Group’s Sydney office on 29th November. 


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