Deliver the best customer experience possible

Frame your business as future focused, clever and welcoming, all at once. Greet your customers consistently with a truly state-of-the-art experience, built just for you.

What you will love:

  • Reception always attended
  • Custom interactions tailored to your organisational needs
  • Consistent high-quality first impressions
  • Remote security options
  • Speed up traffic flows and meeting start times

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See the most cost effective, innovative way to welcome visitors

Imagine having your very own virtual concierge. You decide how your concierge looks and sounds, take a look at some ideas.

Does any of this sound familiar?

ChallengeA company with remote offices and without a full-time front office presence to handle day-to-day requests and visitors
SolutionVirtual concierge is a fully customisable digital solution designed for locations where are human-like presence will enhance the brand experience
ChallengeThe ever expanding receptionist role dictates that they are freed from the desk leaving your visitors alone
SolutionDelight visitors with a unique and consistent experience as they interact through natural voice conversation and facial recognition
ChallengeEntry protocols can be cumbersome and time consuming, and delays can cause queues to form
SolutionThe virtual concierge provides a visitor management system, tracking visitors and enhancing security
ChallengeTime can be lost locating and notifying staff for meetings
SolutionThe virtual concierge can fast-tack and personalise services for notifications, messaging and directions
ChallengeVisitors can get lost in the building
SolutionThe virtual concierge can provide location information and directions

The Arq Story

Arq Group creates unforgettable experiences, solves complex challenges, and provides seamless, end-to-end solutions. In fact, we design custom solutions across all kinds of technologies which come together to create valuable products and unforgettable customer experiences.

We have evolved from a leading internet infrastructure business to a leading digital solutions partner. Today, we build and manage innovative products and channels to market for many of the country’s largest enterprises.

*Dependent upon your business’ unique requirements, the delivery timeframe and final contract price may vary to what is promoted. Your dedicated Virtual Concierge project team will work with you to determine your situational requirements and provide a final estimate prior to project commencement.

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