The Coffee Club

Migrating Australia’s largest home-grown cafe group’s data and analytics capability to the cloud.

“The Coffee Club business recently celebrated our 30th year in business. As we step into the next 30 years we want to build a deeper understanding of our customers, staff and stores to enable us to make the right decisions –  backed by data.

The migration to cloud was the first step, ARQ’s unique advice and approach to unlock future business applications at speed has helped us in this business transformation.”

– Megan Magill

Chief Brand Officer, Minor DKL Food Group (Coffee Club)

Project Background

The Coffee Club recently took a long hard look at its customer demographic and realised that its use of the massive volume of data it collected was ineffective and did not support the right business decisions.

The Coffee Club wanted to build a deeper understanding of their customers, staff and franchise owners, driven by data to support the right decisions. As re-evaluation and re-invention are core values for the Coffee Club they reviewed the data solution holistically.

What they found was a legacy solution running in a physically constrained data centre with multiple manual stages that led to limits on data analysis performance and inconstancies in the reports the data could provide. Re-invention of the data solution was required to meet the business needs creating a solution that historical data could be migrated to which lifted the overall data capability.


Arq brought its experience of cloud migrations combined with our capability in the Data & Analytics space to refactor the data store into an AWS Data lake and Data warehouse solution that modernized the D&A capability. The solution allows for more data sources, data quality checks and visualization. Arq built the solution in AWS to create collection services, Share and Discover services Monitoring and Quality management framework and Consumption services.

  • AWS Step functions are used to schedule and orchestrate the end to end
  • ELT daily batch process
  • AWS SFTP Transfer Service enables the transfer of files directly into and out of Amazon S3 using the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Source systems currently writing files out to the MDKL SFTP site were provided with the new AWS SFTP address which will result in the file being directly written to the AWS S3 bucket source system landing bucket
  • AWS Glue ETL service is leveraged to create jobs and schedule Glue jobs that extract data from database tables into CSV files on to the AWS S3 bucket source system landing bucket
  • AWS Glue Data Catalog the Glue data catalog will be leveraged to catalog the files and their structures in the S3 Buckets. The data catalog can be referenced as part of the data quality framework to check file structures / changes and a simple data governance process
  • AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets is used store collected data
  • AWS Simple Queue Services (SQS) is used to manage and track what files have been ingested and need to be processed through the landing, curated and redshift staging layers of the solution
  • AWS Elastic Container is used as virtual servers to execute python scripts
  • AWS Batch is used to execute the SQL transform scripts on Amazon Redshift.
  • AWS Redshift is used as the Enterprise Data Warehouse database
  • AWS RDS database is used to store the ELT process and Data Quality process metadata
  • AWS Cloudwatch is used to monitor key events through the ELT batch and Data quality processes and to trigger relevant process functions and notifications


The Coffee Club now have a reliable current generation data and analytics solution that can drive their business decisions.

Already the solution has given them significantly greater insight during the challenges of COVID restrictions that allowed better management of the business.  The tableau dashboard are providing the CFO with deeper insight into the day to day operations and give the executive team clear visibility of business performance that would not have been possible with the legacy system

About Brand

The Coffee Club has become Australia’s largest home-grown café group with approximately 400 stores throughout 9 countries, with upwards of 40 million dedicated customers. Everyone who interacts with The Coffee Club is a customer, whether you’re a valued guest, one of our excellent kitchen or wait staff. We focus on everyone enjoying a positive and satisfying experience. To continue to be successful means setting the pace to continue to re-evaluate and re-invent.

Coffee Club is a subsidiary of Minor DKL Food Group.

About ARQ

Arq is an AWS Premier Partner that makes great things happen for our customers. We are humble and don’t talk about what we do, we would rather talk about what our customers have achieved or even better let them tell the world. But we want to make sure we are the best so we are also an active AWS Managed Services Provider, holder of both the AWS Mobile Competency and the AWS data and Analytics competency – AWS raise the bar and we rise to meet it each year.  Our capabilities and practice encompass everything in the cloud, advanced data, analytics, AI & ML and digital experiences across all channels. We are the true end to end partner, for companies of all sizes that need the best and value experience and expertise. We partner with half of the top 10 ASX and over 100 other Australian companies to help them get the best from their own cloud adoption journey.