GBST Interactive Voice Assistant

Automating workflows

“We are proud to be the first vendor to offer a SaaS middle office platform and partnering with Arq and AWS means we can provide the very latest in cloud and voice control technology. As our customers look to optimise their cost base whilst managing ever-changing buy-side demands, moving to a SaaS offering makes perfect sense”

– Denis Orrock

Head of Asia Pacific, GBST

Project Background

For global financial services technology provider, GBST are constantly looking for ways emerging technology like voice, chatbots and automation, can optimise workflows and processes for their workforce and global clients.

System operators of GBST’s Syn~TAC work in a time pressured environment. In the financial world…time is literally money. GBST identified a need to experiment with cutting edge user interface technology so that their operators of Syn~TAC can analyse, investigate and manage exceptions efficiently and respond to queries whilst not interrupting workflows.


Arq ran a design thinking product sprint to understand and unpack GBST’s problem statement. Within a matter of days, our workshop and rapid prototyping enabled us to establish the highest value functions to be included in an innovation prototype. From there, GBST and Arq Group were ready to bring ‘Syndy’, a voice enabled virtual assistant, to life.

By partnering with Arq and AWS, GBST has been able to integrate with Amazon LEX™, allowing operators to augment their use of the system through voice queries and commands.

With the help of a virtual assistant called ‘Syndy’, system operators can analyse, investigate and manage exceptions efficiently and respond to queries whilst not interrupting workflows.

The new Syn~TAC SaaS offering builds on the success of Syn~TAC, the industry’s leading equities and fixed income middle office engine. Syn~TAC is installed at customer sites globally, including some of the world’s leading broker-dealers and Investment Banks, performing bookings, allocation, affirmation and confirmation functions in a fully workflow-enabled, browser-based solution.

As part of its cloud-enablement strategy, GBST has deployed the leading Syn~TAC system into AWS, allowing broker-dealers to onboard to the service within days rather than months. Syn~TAC has been architected for multi-tenancy, horizontal scalability and secure browser-based access so moving to a SaaS offering was a natural evolution of GBST’s cloud journey

The Outcome

This isn’t just a fun way of using voice technology and AI, this product reduces the cost per each trade for GBST and their clients – truly ground-breaking innovation in the financial sector and a global first, powered by AWS cloud.

GBST launched a new product for its staff and clients utilising artificial intelligence and voice digital assistant technology. End solution comprised of a highly-connected and data-configurable SaaS offering for implementation built within days, not months after a successful design thinking and product innovation sprint conducted by Arq.

Builds on the success of the established and market-leading Syn~TAC system, already in use around the globe. Mutualisation of infrastructure reduces cost per trade for middle office processing. Features advanced voice control capability to provide instant access to business and client information.

About Brand

GBST provide financial services technology to the capital market and wealth management sectors globally.

Their experts create vital back, middle and front office technology solutions for investment bankers, stockbrokers and fund managers to assist them with streamlining operations and engaging their customers.

Established in 1984, we have a long heritage in the financial services sector. Today we work with over 100 organisations across Australia, Asia, the UK and the US and our technology supports millions of people around the world who are investing in their future.