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After working on the Grow by ANZ app, we were tasked with redeveloping the ANZ goMoney app for iOS.

Project Background

Over the past two years, ANZ has been in the process of implementing a new platform that will be used by several channels to interface to its backend banking infrastructure. The goMoney app is the first application to go live using this new platform.

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We have been working on goMoney since April 2014, and continue to provide ANZ with a highly skilled, experienced and scalable development and quality assurance (QA) team that works on-site at ANZ offices on the goMoney app.

The Arq Group team are responsible for:

  • Developing all the features in the new app, with complex integration points between multiple systems
  • Manual and automation testing of the app
  • System testing of the new platform
  • Ensuring the app meets ANZ’s strict Accessibility Standards
  • Working collaboratively with the ANZ project team and other third-party vendors

Some of our key achievements on this project included:

  • Migrating to the new multichannel platform (which was in development alongside the app)
  • Ensuring that the app meets the highest standards in security
  • Maintaining the QA rigour required to support coverage of a large number of devices and operating systems (iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6Plus, 6S and 6S Plus and iOS 7,8,9)

The app underwent three Staff Pilot releases prior to being released to the public to ensure a smooth launch.

The Features

goMoney is ANZ’s everyday banking app. The apps empowers users to access and manage their ANZ bank accounts anytime and anywhere.

The app features:

  • Quick and secure four-digit PIN login
  • Real-time transfers between ANZ accounts
  • BPAY bill payment
  • Pay anyone
  • Information regarding ANZ locations all around the world
  • Apple Watch: View balance and last five transactions

The Outcome

The first release of the new version of the ANZ goMoney app was launched on 27 February 2016. The ANZ goMoney iOS app has over 1 million users. To ensure that the launch was a success, we provided 24/7 on-site support to ANZ during the initial launch phase. Over 500,000 users successfully migrated to the new version of the app in the first week, without any major issues.


About ANZ

Established in October 1951, the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, commonly called ANZ, is a banking and financial services company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It is the second largest bank by assets and third largest bank by market capitalisation in Australia.

ANZ together with its subsidiaries, has a workforce of 51,000 employees and serves around nine million customers worldwide. In Australia, the bank serves around six million customers at over 570 branches.