Your Roadmap To The Cloud: A Robust Action Plan in Just 3-Days

Everything you need to know on your cloud maturity is packed into this hands-on 3-day intensive assessment providing your roadmap to the cloud, where you’ll discover:

So what are you waiting for? Be like Jack!

Like many, Jack thought his cloud solution was perfect
for his company’s needs.

After all, Jack and his team planned meticulously for months on their process, people and technology transformation.

But market conditions and economic times were changing, and Jack wanted the assurance his cloud infrastructure and spend were being invested wisely.

With Jack’s quarterly performance review due next month, he wanted the confidence his digital transformation was bullet-proof.

Jack knew he needed a tech health-check from an independent, third-party set of expert eyes.

So Jack called Arq Group and booked a cloud maturity consultation. With no up-front costs – it was a no brainer. In just 3-days Arq Group assessed Jack’s cloud maturity and unlocked immediate savings to the tune of $85,957!

This was the intel Jack needed.

I Want My Cloud Maturity Assessment. What Do You Need from Me?

Just like Jack, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Arq Group’s cloud consultants do all the heavy lifting for you.

Simply provide an overview of your current cloud strategy and operations, then introduce us to your key business stakeholders and product owners.

That’s it. In 3-days, we’ll email your bespoke cloud maturity assessment report.

Sounds Great. What’s in My Cloud Assessment Report?

Your assessment report will help you with impartial and expert insights into your current cloud maturity and capabilities. Our cloud consultants will help you formulate an action plan with a working roadmap towards a new cloud strategy, helping your business unlock the true value of cloud.

Key activities our cloud consultants will perform and document in your report:

  • Conduct data collection to support analysis. All “what’s” are backed by “why’s”.

  • We’ll be executing your cloud maturity assessment using Arq’s cloud assessment questionnaire

  • Our cloud consultants will review your findings and define for you a scope of work to unlock untapped opportunities and benefits

  • Your report will empower you with immediate practical next step action plans you can implement to drive adoption of cloud across your business

You’re in Good Company

For over two decades Arq Group has been trusted by some of Australia’s largest companies. Powering their digital experiences and optimising their cloud architecture – moving the needle on speed and value.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Complete the form below to book your cloud maturity assessment consultation. It’s risk-free, and you’ll pay no up-front costs. In just 3-days you’ll have your customised cloud maturity assessment report - and if we discover an opportunity to save you money - you’ll pay a small percentage of the savings for our time.