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Getting back to living... getting back to normal - but now - even better. Our new digital world is safer, cleaner, smarter. Innovations born from situations in need of dire solutions. Technological wonders built in Australia, for Australians.

Back to personal space with automated social distancing monitoring. Back to great shopping experiences with digital concierge service, so no more queues. Together again, back in the office, now cleaner and safer than before.

And back to instant on demand customer service
- because waiting is so 2019.

New Beginnings for the New Digital World

Back To Personal Space

Real time congestion hot spot monitoring for managing social distancing. Machine learning technology plug-and-plays into your existing CCTV network. Wow your customers with instant alerts optimising your customer experience (CX).

Say goodbye to the long queues and overcrowding. Say hello to personal space. Shape customer behaviour by funnelling traffic with advisory push notifications. Avoid hefty fees for non-compliance while enriching your customer satisfaction at every touchpoint with your brand.


Back To Great Shopping Experiences

Let’s get back to great shopping experiences. No more waiting for the next free space in your favourite store. 

The new digital world brings machine learning to your CCTV and monitors all movement, in and out, so you don’t have to.

And when there’s free space, real time alerts sent to your customers for frictionless traffic flow and zero queues. 

Less time waiting means more time shopping, and an uplift in your customer experience (CX).

Back To Safe Office Spaces with Social Distancing Technology

Back together and better in socially-distant office spaces monitored and tracked so you can get on with the job.

Machine learning does the heavy lifting by leveraging portable cameras.

Automated protection of your greatest business asset: your people. Rich data insights adds new dimensions to your OHS and HR capabilities. 

Back To Instant Customer Service

“You’re number 12 in the queue…” is a thing of the past with Digital Human.

Think “Siri” meets Hollywood CGI special effects for ridiculously-real Digital Human customer experiences.

It’s on demand, so there’s no waiting – and why should you?

Powered by AI, Digital Human is like a genie in a bottle – and if there’s a wish Digital Human can’t handle – you’ll be transferred to a human operator.

It’s back to instant customer service – the way it should be.

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Safe @Work: Socially Distanced Office Monitoring

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 CCTV Real Time Congestion Hot Spot Monitoring

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Back to Great Shopping: Store Capacity On Demand