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Enterprise and Government cloud migrations simplified. On time and on budget no matter your cloud journey: digital transformation, modernisation to cloud native, or simply retiring your technical debt from on-premise to the cloud.

YOUnique AWS Cloud Migrations

Your organisational needs are uniquely-you and one of a kind. Out-of-the-box simply won’t cut it.  With ARQ, you’ll enjoy bespoke cloud migrations built and scaled for your unique business needs. 

By partnering with experts who live and breathe cloud means you’ll only pay for what you need: personalisation, availability, scalability, and your security comes top of mind. 

And we’ve done it all, from DevOps environments to bespoke cloud setups such as fully-managed serverless infrastructure powering Australia’s bushfire emergency warning system – creating meaningful impact and saving lives.

You’re in Good Hands

With a mastery in migrations and an authority in adoption your transformation is in good hands. Awarded AWS’s very first Premier Consulting Partner backed by 25 years of Australian internet heritage. Bolster your capabilities with a 100% Australian onshore powerhouse of digital, data and cloud consultancy.

Coffee in the Clouds

Migrating one of Australia’s largest coffee chains – Coffee Club’s data and analytics into the cloud included: AWS Elastic Container, AWS Batch, AWS Glue ETL, AWS SFTP Transfer Service, AWS Step Functions, AWS Simple Storage (S3) and AWS Simple Queue Services (SQS).

Why Migrate to Cloud?

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of enterprises experience business acceleration from cloud

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of business saw an improvement in security after switching to the cloud

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of IT leaders say cost-cutting is the main reason why enterprises adopt cloud software

“Where are You on Your Cloud Journey?”

All Cloud Migrations start with this simple, yet immensely important question: “Where are you on your cloud journey?”  

Each company’s cloud journey is unique, so regardless of where you land, ARQ is committed to helping you migrate your workloads to the cloud. We’re trusted by Australia’s biggest companies and government agencies: Dominos, Coffee Club, Rio Tinto, IAG, Belong, Rest Super, Foxtel, ANZ and NSWRFS. Clients who benefited from substantial IT costs savings as well as improvements in productivity, business agility, and access to their data and operational resilience – a core theme in a post COVID-19 world. 

Cloud migrations to the AWS cloud include moving any workload from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud. ARQ works with hundreds of organisations to migrate workloads such as applications, websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers, including entire data centres 

Future proof your tomorrow with cloud migration, optimisation and managed services in cloud, digital and data. Years of experience with a proven approach migrating workloads to AWS Cloud so that you can gain business benefits faster. 

Cloud Migrations Made Easy

Great migrations are no easy feat. Arq’s process is deeply-aligned to AWS best practice ensuring your cloud migration is delivered on time and budget, unlocking actionable insights along the way. To serve your bespoke needs, it’s ideal to choose a cloud migration partner offering the full gamut of cloud solutions (not just able to execute a single cloud migration).

Demand a cloud migration partner with a proven track record – because getting you to the cloud is one thing – but unlocking competitive advantage from your digital transformation requires

leveraging your data and digital assets. Insist your cloud migration partner brings the trifecta of cloud, data and digital to the table because anything less means more moving parts and multiple vendors. 

Readiness health check in alignment with your cloud strategy and vision.

Your blueprint for cloud migration success mapped out to the Nth degree.

Systemised implementation of your cloud journey and where the fun begins.

Accelerate your Cloud Journey

Accomplish agility, scalability and cost-savings migrating to the cloud. Retire reliance on slow, outdated legacy systems and empower your teams with competitive edge. ARQ have years of experience across a multitude of cloud competencies designed to add continuous value to your organisation.

Serverless, Microservices, Containerisation

Low latency workloads? Migrating older apps? Consider containers. Pay for what you use, when you use it. Go serverless. Running big apps? Microservices might be for you.

blue green deployments

Update your apps with zero user downtime and sleep easy with our in-built ‘rollback on demand’ safety net for failed deployments.

Scale & Adaptability

Rejoice in the self healing functionality of AWS Lambda, Autoscaling Groups, Elastic Container Service, and Fargate so you’ll always be prepared with ‘designed for failure’ assurance.


Security comes stock-standard being in-built from day-one sprint to live deployment with authentic DevSecOps. Unlock advanced functionality such as Automated Compliance and Governance with security as a code.

Leverage Data. Discover New Insights

Bring the power of AI, ML, data science and engineering to extract valuable business insights from your data.  Better understand your audience, forecast demand, reduce risks and prevent cost overruns with newly-founded agility by investing the power of data-driven innovation.

Enabling data driven decisions

Make executive-level decisions with bulletproof confidence backed by facts and figures.

Data Centralisations & Consolidation

Everything you need to know across your organisation at your fingertips. See the bigger picture. 

Predictive Analytics

Master tomorrow with predictive certainty so you can plan for today. Harness the power of AI and ML for eerily-accurate forecasting.

Business Intelligence & Dashboarding

Power that won’t corrupt with beautiful business intelligence dashboards for top-level data.

Digital Maturity. Happy Customers

Your “Customer is King” with access to a dominion of limitless information. Winning customer’s attention requires you to create intuitive customer experiences. Leveraging new cloud technologies lifts competitive edge and transforms your digital journey. Understanding your customer needs and measuring how they feel about you unlocks UX insights for increased engagement.

Speed to market

Fortune favours the fast… the first… the agile. Digital in the cloud affords you unrivalled speed and scalability.

advanced customer metrics

You + digital + cloud = customer metrics unlike before. Unveil insightful and actionable data to drive tangible metrics lifting customer engagement and conversion.


Unbridled innovation when you’re in the cloud. No legacy limitations. Imagination unbound with endless possibilities to create innovative new services for your customers.


Future-proof your digital experiences with cloud. Robust cloud infrastructure assures business resilience no matter what tomorrow brings. 

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