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“This is a solid app that is out there making a difference. Great attention paid to those rare-but-significant moments in the relationship between a person and their superannuation. Beautifully executed, well thought through and extremely useful. Nicely resolved visuals, well-executed visual hierarchy of information and typography. The jury was impressed with the comprehensive co-design process.
This entry is great reflection of how Superannuation is a category where good design can really make an important difference to the customer outcome.”

– Jury Comments

Good Design Awards 2020

Project Background

Aware Super, a member-centric obsessed organisation (on a mission to provide a better future for all Australians) relied on their website and call centre as primary member relationship channels. Aware Super embarked on creating the best-in-class mobile product in the market with an experience that members love and advocate. The app design needed to be all-inclusive to cater to the wide range of target member demographics and enable members to take control of their Super. Another key design challenge: Superannuation products (industry-wide) are notoriously low in user-engagement. The app had to be easy and intuitive.


The ‘weekly member touchpoint’ philosophy adopted during the design sprint had over 500 users actively shaping the app experience through participative research and design validation methods. The design team pushed limits, bringing together the best of design thinking: user-centred design, design strategy, and crowdsourced experience decision making. Prototyping extended beyond standard core utility capabilities by adding intuitive interactive visualisation tools and smart nudges providing members with more visibility (future projections) and control over their superannuation. The experience strategy was centred around providing the ‘easiest way to grow your Super and retirement, anywhere and anytime’.

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Engagement Uptake
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Increased Member Log-ins On App


Since launch in mid-2019 the app surpassed experience transformation goals for Aware Super. Exceeding the KPI forecast ahead of the planned timeline with over 40% member logins in the first 4 months. A 200% increase in the engagement compared to the web channel, indicating clear, active, user engagement. Simplicity in use of the app resonated with members showing a clear uptick in CX. The pièce de résistance – winning the DrivenX Gold award – an outstanding industry recognition (for an app that was designed and built within 5 months).

Intuitive UX Capabilities

For Aware Super, mobile apps serve as the foundation for a secure and performant digital interaction touchpoint for future scalability of product capabilities and new emerging channels.

And because the majority of members work varied hours, traditional ways of engaging with their super fund (to maximise retirement goals) wasn’t possible. The app had to overcome this challenge with the goal of easy and intuitive member engagement creating an experience that’s enjoyable. 

Intuitive UX capabilities of the app feature:

  • Secure and seamless login experience
  • Glanceable smart dashboard
  • Overview of member’s super balances for 6 years of historical data
  • An investment allocation graph to educate members on their funds’ investment stratagems
  • A quick overview of personal details and ease of sharing membership details with an employer
  • Quick access to current and historical superannuation contributions and deductions
  • BPAY details to make contributions easier from the app
  • Ability to initiate consolidation of accounts
  • A seamless way of contacting Aware Super for an enhanced relationship with the brand

About Aware Super

Aware Super is a not-for-profit Australian superannuation fund. It was initially established in 1992 to provide superannuation benefits to New South Wales government employees, but is now open to anyone eligible to receive superannuation. It is one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds, with more than $90-billion (and growing, as at 31-January-2019) in funds under management and over 800,000 members.

As a not-for-profit fund, all profits are returned to members (rather than benefiting shareholders). Members-first allows Aware Super to maintain their low-fee policy.