Accelerate ML innovation, automate MLOps practices and reduce operating costs across your organisation with Amazon SageMaker.

Technology that enables your vision and solves your business problems.

We help you go to market quickly with innovative, scalable and maintainable machine learning (ML) solutions.

You can design, build and manage your ML model with us.

Why ARQ for AI/ML?

ARQ has many years of experience building innovative, scalable and maintainable ML models, in rapid and cost-effective ways for Government and Enterprise clients with Amazon SageMaker. As the AWS Premier Partner since 2012 we’re the local AWS experts.

ARQ have also worked with many clients to accelerate ML innovation at scale in their organisation while reducing operating costs through migrating their existing ML models to Amazon SageMaker.

"70% of organisations will need to operationalise their AI/ML architectures over the next few years. The rise in use of AI/ML leads to an increased requirement for democratisation. With Sagemaker Canvas and AWS Glue DataBrew, Amazon Sagemaker supports AI/ML for business users as well as complex use cases for data scientists. Amazon Sagemaker is our preferred tool to execute ML modernisation."

ARQ can build, train, and deploy machine learning models at any scale for your organisation with fully managed infrastructure, tools and workflows.  

ARQ Services

  • AI/ML Strategy Advisory
  • AI Business Case Building + Proof of Value
  • ML Modernisation
  • Cloud Migration for ML Workload
  • Design Thinking
  • Managed Service
  • Data Platform

Partner with ARQ for all your ML needs today, and every capability you’ll need to future-proof your tomorrow.

AI/ML Accelerator Offer

Pick 2 Outcomes from the items below

High Level Current State Assessment
Modernisation Roadmap
AI/ML Proof of Concept
Reduce the cost of AI/ML Outcomes
Feasibility Assessment
Proof of Value

6 Weeks Only $50K

High confidence cost guarantee (fixed price qualification or estimate)

  • Proactive Cost Monitoring using automated policies
  • Cost Management Platform providing detailed insight into consumption during PoC phase.
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Data Delivered

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