10 Quick Tips for AWS Cloud Cost Optimisation

Mark Addy

Mark Addy

10 Quick Tips for AWS Cloud Cost Optimisation

Getting to the cloud is the first step on the journey of a thousand miles to your digital transformation. But once you’re in the cloud – what’s next? 

Leveraging your ability-to-scalefinity, uplifting your agility and locking down your SecOps is critical – all paying handsome dividends to your cost savings (caveat: if done right). 

If you’re serious about slashing your cloud bills, read our 10 quick tips for AWS cloud cost optimisations and make a positive impact on your next cloud bill.

1) Choose a Cloudtelligent Partner 

Choosing a partner with a high-cloudtelligence in AWS cloud optimisations helps save you multiples beyond your optimisation fees. 

How so? Anyone can (and most cloud partners do) realise immediate savings by shutting down instances overnight and weekends, archiving old data to cheap storage and scaling-down when idle. But the serious-savings are banked by modernising your architecture and highly-automating your CI/CD deployment to deliver code to production faster and safer (amongst a plethora of other must-do advanced optimisations). Now you’re potentially slashing up to 75% off your cloud billing! The higher your partner’s cloudtelligence, the higher your cloud savings potential.

2) Turn Off The Lights When You Leave The Room

Not using resources this instant? Shut it down. It’s like turning off the lights when you leave the room. Sure, it’s convenient to keep the lights on, but it all adds up. Turn off what you’re not using and it’ll save your unused instances accumulating on your next cloud bill.

3) A Perfect Fit: Exact-Size Storage

Like your favourite comfy shoes or a well-tailored suit/dress – it fits perfectly and feels right. Incorrect sizing is uncomfortable, and this holds true in cloudonomics (visible at the end of your billing cycle). With cloud costs totally thousands-to-millions of dollars over time, it certainly pays to have your storage class tailored to fit your needs and budget. Amazon’s S3 object storage comes in five different tiers, so it’s wise to tailor according to the amount of data (and type) that you need to manage.

4) Always Be Right: Right Type Instance

It’s nice to always be right, and nothing pays higher dividends than being right when choosing your instance families to suit your application workloads. Knowing the exact memory requirements to run your services means you can minimise your cloud spend so you only pay for what you use, when you use it. That’s cloud-smarts. Choosing a cloudtelligent partner can help unlock these savings for you.

5) Trust Your Advisor (AWS Feature)

AWS offer a feature called: “Trusted Advisor”. It scans all your resources and services, checking for optimisations to unlock hidden savings. Trust your AWS advisor feature and implement the recommendations to trim the cloud-fat and reduce your cloud-spend.

6) Auto Scale App Architecture

Auto scaling your application architecture empowers you to respond instantaneously to fluctuations by adding new resources or turning off instances. This translates into optimised cloud cost controls and helps detect unhealthy instances on time.

7) Avail Spot Pricing Discounts

Did you know unused EC2 instances are available for less than the standard rack-rate On-Demand price? Set a price ceiling for your EC2 instances to control your costs and avail the price savings. Because Spot Instances enable you to request unused EC2 instances at steep discounts, you can lower your Amazon EC2 costs significantly.

8) Service Usage: Monitor, Track & Analyse

Powerful tools like Amazon’s Cloudwatch monitor your log files and track changes in your resources. Doing so achieves resource optimisation and identifies potential ‘dead wood’ in your workloads (that might be costing you).

9) Use AWS Cost Management

A fantastic tool offered by AWS allows you to organise and report your cost and usage based on user-defined methods. It helps you manage billing and control your costs, improves your planning with flexible forecasting and budgeting, and optimises costs with resource and pricing recommendations.

10) Become a Reserved Instance Trader

Did you know you can negotiate a reserved instance on a 1-3 year term for a specific capacity and hourly rate? This strategy offers significant savings compared to the regular On-Demand pricing. If your demand varies, you simply reduce the duration of your reserved instance or sell it.

Some Partnership Are Worth Millions

Not all clouds are the same, and not all cloud optimisation partners are created equal. It’s the elephant in the room: the calibre of your cloud optimisation partner is directly correlated to your cloud capabilities and potential savings. Insist on the highest level of cloudtelligence money can buy when choosing your cloud optimisation partner because the difference could mean hundreds of thousands (if not millions) to your cloud-savings.

Is there money hidden in your cloud? Book your free 15 minute no obligation cloud consultation with a Cloud ARQitect and discover how much you can potentially save. There’s no selling, it’s just tech-talk with a cloud optimisation expert.

Head over to our AWS Cloud Optimisation page to learn more about ARQ’s unique Cloud Optimisation ARQitecture. 

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